Stealth ability doesn’t feel stealthy because of Spy

Hi all,

In vanilla, one of my favorite things to do on my night elf rogue was to sneak up on people out in the open world or in cities / towns and nobody would be suspecting me. I had the element of surprise and it felt great.

With the near-universal use of the Spy addon, however, this is never the case. The moment I use stealth, enemies start mass aoeing/clumping together.

I don’t feel sneaky anymore. In fact, I feel the complete opposite - I feel as if, by using stealth, I am mass announcing my presence to all enemies in the vicinity with a loud buzzer. This is definitely against the spirit of the Rogue class, which is designed to be sneaky and subtle, not a class that yells its presence with a loud buzzer from 200 yards away every time the class uses its core ability.

Oftentimes, using my stealth ability hurts me in more ways than it helps, as it totally ruins my element of surprise, which is ironic given the intended function of the ability. It sorta kills the fun game experience that I remember back in vanilla, and it doesn’t feel authentic at all.


i would support this , but you are an undead rogue so no… you deserve nothing!


It just reads the combat log. If your goal is to sneak up on someone why are you showing up in their combat log?


Oh yeah, like everybody is constantly reading their combat log.



The addon reads their combat log. Am I going too fast here? I thought that was pretty obvious.


Obviously we are moving to fast for you. Let me help you out since you can’t grasp the obvious. No on stares at their combat log 24-7. I use SPY because it is available, but anyone with common sense can tell you that SPY totally ruins gameplay for rouges.

I wouldn’t roll a rouge at this point, since you get detected non stop. When SPY lights up, I just start AOEing like the OP stated.


Do you know any person that continuously scans their combat logs, 24/7 playing the game, to search for potential rogues in the area?

And did you know anyone in vanilla who did this?

It boggles my mind how blizzard included the ability stealth to show up in combat logs lol.

Not only does it show in combat logs, it also announces my coordinates. It is ridiculous.


Clearly I do need to slow this down. Read this a few times if it helps you understand it. I never said that people are staring at their combat logs, I said the addon reads the combat log.

Nope, don’t know anyone that does that. I know an addon that does though!


Authentic? Spy was around in Vanilla! And Spy does little to hinder someone. The addon only states it sees you go stealth. So I have an option to leave the area or prowl. What advantage does that give me? Little to none.

If you’re a bad rogue then that’s your own fault. Cry about something that matters.


:man_facepalming: WoW, Really? Thanks for enlightening everyone! Because none of us knew that. WoW, it must be SUNDAY!


Yeah, we all know how it works.

That’s not the issue here.

The issue is why blizzard decided to make stealth appear in the combat logs, and why blizzard allows an add on like Spy to completely change the dynamic and intended function of a whole class - to be sneaky.


All addons should be banned.


The tears are salty for Harmon. Just another mediocre player who rolled the easiest pvp class and is horrible at pvp. Stick to pve.


Dude i hate spy. It has no place in this game.


I wish you were on my server bud! :slight_smile: I would 1v1 you anytime


Until Spy can tell me your exact level WITHOUT targeting you, your EXACT location, and track your movements I’ll laugh about your tears.

Hint: It does none of those and if you believe it does try downloading it.


Yeah… when people start aoe’ing like crazy or riding around looking for you… its a problem. They shouldn’t even know I’m there.


You’ll get no sympathy in these forums, OP. People hate rogues.

Are you serious? Knowing a rogue is nearby does nothing for you, but we’re the bad players? hahahaha wow


I use it mainly because everyone else uses it.

There are certain very broken aspects to it. I mainly use it to know if a group of the enemy faction is around me so I can engage my mobs in a safer manner so I could potentially defend myself.

The kill on sight list is also nice for those people that corpse camped you at lower levels.


I personally use it too. Hope that doesn’t make me a hypocrite.

That doesn’t mean I like it or think that it should be in the game.