Even more Sombra Bugs in 1.26/1.27/1.28 [With Video's]

Patch 1.26

Bug 1:
another Translocator Spinning/Beyblade bug.
So today I encountered 2 TL Beyblade bugs a normal one that appears on the first TL you throw after you died:

So the new one appears after the game just started (without dying basically):

I did some testing on these and I figured out why it happened.
So normal TL Beyblade but happens when you try to use TL shortly before you die (so it starts translocating you but you die before it finishes) The next Translocator you use will have this bug
Well in case of the one where I did not die before and it was the start of the round if you look at bug 2 or just go back in the video of bug 1 you can see me do bug 2 (use and instantly cancel TL) and these make bug 1 happen because it also starts the translocate bug gets canceled.
You can use this knowledge to trigger Bug 1 almost 100% of the time.

Bug 2:
Translocator use / cancel bug
If you Cancel you TL just shortly before pressing E to use it You kinda start Translocating but stop immediately and get put back:

I did no more testing on this it could be that it can be used to dodge DMG (for example a DVA bomb) but still get the 2s cooldown from destroying it.

Bug 3:
EMP animation did not even start when pulled in grav
So the animation of EMP did not appear but the EMP still worked just fine:

Bug 4:
TL got destroyed (sound played) but it still activated:

edit (30.07.2018 20:00): Enemy view:

There is 283,3 ms from destroying the TL to Sombras using the LS on a Ping of 40 ms so my PC could have sent the data of destroying the Translocator to the server 7 times!

Bug 4.1:
TL got destroyed sound played after it already got destroyed by Sombra:

Bug 5:
(This is in 1.25 (old Sombra) but I never saw something about it so I would say it’s
not fixed)
So Sombras view get changed by Hook after the TL throw animation already started but because of the view change the TL gets thrown in the wrong direction:

New Bugs (29.07.2018 00:36):

Bug 6:
Hack and Brigitte’s shield really are just buggy see for your self:

Bug 6.1:
Sombras Hack makes just more weird things:

Bug 7:
Edit: Sombra throwing Tl throw map corner.

For a long time I could not find out what killed my TL in this video but today I found it by luck.
There is a pretty big spot where your TL will get thrown out of map and gets destroyed.
Small testing on this:

New Bug (30.07.2018 13:20):

Bug 8:
The hack finishing sound does not play on Medkits sometimes:

New Bugs (30.07.2018 20:00)

Bug 9:
Translocator sticks to cliffs that you can’t stand on (rly bad play form mine and dooms side btw. xD):

This is known by Blizzard but they are not fixing it because they think the new patch solves this issue but sometimes you don’t really look where you placed it (like in my video) because you need to act in this moments you simply die after translocating whats a bit stupid from the player and the game xD

New Bug(31.07.2018 20:40)

Bug 10:
A bug that already existed in 1.25 (i think) but Sombra tries to go into stealth but somehow the start animation starts but she does not go into stealth (no cooldowns get activated):

New bug (console related, received from TacoReaper)

Bug 11:

New Bug (31.07.2018 23.15):

Bug 12:
Sombras Hack transfers to another enemy or to a health pack and finishes on it:

I had high ping yes but not high enough to make such a huge time difference on hacking.

New bug (02.08.2018 22:55):

Bug 13:
A bug that allows Sombra to Translocated into the Payload and contests it by throwing it in front of the payload and wait till it drove over it.


You will ruin the fun for other players and Blizzard will ban you if you do this in an official game mode

I just got screwed by this exploit:
Disclaimer: I did not use this exploit on purpose

New Bug (04.08.2018 15:30):

Bug 14:
Bastion’s “entering sentry mode” animation does not get canceled when hacked/EMP’ed it completely finishes and only after that it kicks him out into normal mode.

New Bug (04.08.2018 18:00):

Bug 15:

Get stunned message after using TL shortly after or when getting stunned.

New Bug (04.08.2018 23:00)

Bug 16:
A bug on which Sombras hack goes through but the enemy ability that should protect from hack too. This bug exists since Sombra launched so its not really a new one but its still there after almost 2 years

Example Zarya (bubble):

Many other Heros such as Tracer can to this too (getting hack through recall) I will add more example of different heroes as soon as I find some

New Bugs (05.08.2018 22:00)


You will ruin the fun for other players and Blizzard will ban you if you do this in an official game mode

Bug 17:
Sombra can translocate into a few moving objects in the game.

  1. The lift on Volskaya. found by @Mesonnaise
    Mesonnaise’s video:

My video:

  1. The fidget spinner in Junkertown:

This is not possible on Blizzard world with the eagle roller coaster:

And it does not work on Rialto because there is deadly Water.

Bug 18:
Sombra’s translocator just disappears (no cooldown or Sound):

Bug 19:
Sombra can Translocate to other points far away from Translocator with a specific method on moving platforms

Harmless on Volskaya found by @Mesonnaise
Mesonnaise’s video:

My Videos:

After more testing:
Broken on Volskaya:

On Junkertown:

On Route 66:

being able to attack or EMP with absolute no warning what so ever without even coming close to the point is pretty broken I think you agree on xD.

New Bugs(08.08.2018 14:07):
(found by testing with @Mesonnaise)

Bug 20:
This is basically bug 19 but with payloads.

I only have 2 payloads in the video (Gibraltar and Dorado) but I think every payload has a spot like this.

Bug 21
When TL is placed on the right point in the payload it does not get pushed with the payload it just flies and stays in the air.

I have some more stuff I wane show in the recordings from testing with @Mesonnaise but that will need to wait because I’m lazy -w-

New Bug 22 found by [@Tom1315](Sombra kings row translocator bug)
further tested by @Mesonnaise
TL into the scaffolding on kings row’s first attack spawn.

@Tom1315 Video:

@Mesonnaise Video:

New Bug (08.08.2018 14:40):

Bug 23
Use TL to get into the second Kings Row attack spawn:

Patch 1.27

New Bug (10.08.2018 13:30)

Bug 24:
Detected message does not show up even after a few seconds that I’m already detected but it shows up with no one near first:

New Bug (11.08.2018 00:45)

Bug 25:
Credits for finding it goes to @Stardust

So with Sombra, you can now bring yourself as any character anywhere where Sombra could get with TL

New Bugs (18.08.2018 15:45):
(They are old and exist since Sombra launched I think but they are still in 1.27)

Bug 26:
Hack finishes but does not hack the enemy or go on Cooldown:

Bug 27:
Hack takes twice as long as it should (1.3… seconds to be exact):

Bug 26.27
It just does both…

In this example, everything may seem normal but Hack actually takes 62 frames in a 60f/s video (so a little more than 1s)

New Bugs (23.08.2018 20:00)

Bug 28:
Sombra’s hack indicator just does not show up when your hand is already up but blocked by a shield:

New Bugs (11.09.2018 21:00)

Bug 29:
Sombra’s Translocator seems to teleport you at first but puts you back after ca 0.5s not seen by enemies. This happened to me twice since yesterday.

Patch 1.28

New Bugs (12.09.2018)

Bug 30
Sombra’s “Translocation away” Animation doesn’t play sometimes she just vanishes from existance:

(Videocredits: JamieJGJ)

Big 31
Ana’s Antiheal nate sometimes does no DMG to Sombra when Translocating at the right time bug the antiheal effect works.

Blizzard would be nice if we got a reply but if you don’t please at least fix the hard exploits. Thanks for always giving your best to keep the game enjoyable.

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You’d think Blizzard would acknowledge these, but nah.


I am bookmarking this thread, I am surprise that this thread do not have the awareness that it deserve.

But really good thread!


agreed. This is a thread that is actually needed and is getting no attention.



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Thank you all :smiley:

I will keep on going to record my game in search of bugs and every time I find new ones to add on top of these and sometimes it hopefully will raise the awareness of blizzard and even more players.


Keep up the great work! I wish more people pay more attention to the bug report Feedback here on these forums.

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Added a New bug (bug 8) to the List
30.07.2018 13:23

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Bumping for awareness

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Also the visual effect bug when sombra comes out of invis it isn’t smooth like going into invis it just immediately cuts out of the purple screen into normal screen


New edit in main Post (30.07.2018 20:00):

  • Added 1 (old) bug where Translocator sticks to something a Hero slips of
  • Added a IMO very good enemy view of bug 4: TL got destroyed sound played but it still activated
  • (31.07.2018 04:18) Added small text about why it should not be the Ping on bug 4

I edited out both blackscreenstart of the 2 newly added Video youtube just takes long to upload the new version

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I will try and find videos of some of more bugs that came with the newest patch note.

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New edit in main Post (31.07.2018 20:40)

  • added Bug 10 where Sombra can’t go into stealth

That would be great :smiley:

Video of translocator bugs I’ve been dealing with. Thought I was destroying it or it got destroyed but it happens so often that it can’t be a reoccurring coincidence.

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Thanks, I added it to the main post.
I don’t really know the layout of Sombras on controllers but what I get out of your video it seems like “R1” is the normal Using TL (“e” on PC) button but sometimes it just destroys it by pressing “R1” it seems random but do you think it could have a trigger that makes it do that?

Anyway, this is a pretty serious bug. I hope it gets fixed

(Ps. I know its rude to ask but could someone please reply I can’t post updates on new bugs if not because I’m not allowed to post twice in a row. Would be nice, Thanks :sweat_smile:)

you’d be correct. For console players R1 is the teleport button. And that’s what I thought was happening too but it happens too many times for it to disappear precisely when I’m trying to teleport.

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New edit in main Post (31.07.2018 23:15)

  • Added bug 12 where Sombras hack changes targets without resetting

So does it happen after/when or before you press R1

Because if it’s after/when it could be:

  • A hardware (controller) problem maybe some kind of short circuit If you can try a different controller to be sure it’s a bug on the games side

  • Some kind of Game sided but that randomly swaps the controller layout or maybe it has a trigger of some kind that changes the layout?

If its before:

  • I have no idea what it could be really.

So for the end:

Somvra Sorry for the quote its just so you see this for sure.
If I remember correctly you play on xbox do you have the same issue as TacoReaper or is this a Ps4 only problem?

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It always happens precisely as I’m pressing the button. Like right when I press it it gets destroyed and goes on the 2 second cooldown

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Yes for sure !!! It happens occasionally now that I think about it.

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This game is such an unbelievable trash. How can such a bugy game be esports. Ridicoulous. Trash. Even to trashy for the trashbin. Stop playing this retarded game. The ranking system is a big joke. I lost 8 games in a row with 4 gold medals. So I get punished, cause my teams are bad?