The 4-Step plan to buff Sombra (Facts and Opinions)


So in this post, I will go throw 4 steps on how I would change Sombra (1.26 Sombra) to make her a balanced and more fun character to play and play against

1. Fixing bugs:

Just today you gave us feedback and told us that on what bugs you are working

Post: Daily thread of Please fix Sombra, bug list inside!

and THATS AWESOME THANKS A LOT if her bugs are fixed it will lead to a more useful, more consistent, and more fun Sombra but just today I found a few new ones in 1.26 (new Sombra) patch:

Post: Even more Sombra Bugs in 1.26

2. Add a threshold to Stealth and Hack

So first of the amount of the threshold would need to be tested on the PTR to get the best and most accurate results of the testing I would start pretty hard around 30 to 35 dmg till hack/stealth breaks the reason is pretty simple it will sound very high to most players so a lot of players will go to the PTR to test it and will give their feedback now you can just adjust it to the feedback (if i would need to guess I would say 10 to 15 dmg till break would be balanced maybe even different threshold on the two abilities that would make Sombra even more consistent now she will not get broken out of Stealth or hack by the reaper/dva/doomfist across the map.

3. Bring her Base speed up to 6m/s from 5.5m/s

This simply will allow her to be more effective in team fights and it will make the Infinite Translocator and stealth much more useful because now she can make cap jump in stealth and will get less hit what allows her to stay longer in the backline before being forced to use Translocator.

4. Add a sugar skull over or on the face of hacked enemies and switch hacked colors.

This allows the Sombras team to act better on a hack and it would allow to better see who got hacked on an EMP because sometimes you don’t know if someone got hacked and if they have ult charged they can turn the whole game around overall this would make her Team realize her more because of right now it seems a lot that Sombra is doing nothing even when She is and this leads to toxic teammates, throwers, etc its not good for the game or the Sombraplayers experiments.

If all these changes would go throw Sombra would be in a balanced and useful position these changes don’t need nerfs attached to them and they are not too OP the only thing that would make Sombra to OP right now would be if Hack (for example: hacking all passives/Ults) or her DMG would get buffed.

But that’s just my Opinion I’m curious what ideas other Players have so please leave them in a response or make your own thread

Other great Sombra threads:

Thanks to everybody who is still her and tries to help Sombra and her player base
Special thanks to (people I see a lot in the from who are trying to help):



Thanks for mentioning my trhead, but you should consider blackjack’s sombra. IT’s the best feedback ive seen for sombra, and that the number 1 reason im here .

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I added it to the main post I totaly forgot about that post I saw it a few days ago and realy liked it to

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Why isn’t this a thing already? Hack is designed to help your team and yet they can barley see your hacked target. Even if you call every single hack on voice it would help the team to locate the target.


Thank you so much for this!


Thats what i suggested , its the most asked QOL change and it would be so easy to add


Honestly these changes would help Sombra so much.


Agreed, this will help out so much…


Great thread, but we need to revert her nerfs as well.


I would also prefer that but I don’t see Blizzard doing it.

And If we would increase her Base speed to 6m/s and would add the +75% of stealth we would end up at 10.5m/s that’s probably a little much

for comparison:
5.5 m/s + 75% = 9.625 m/s (old 1.25)
5.5 m/s + 50% = 8.25 m/s (live 1.26)
6 m/s + 50 % = 9 m/s (Live 1.26) with buff
Hammond in ball form = 10 m/s
Video I just made:

(9.625 and 9 are swaped im sorry destroyed the premiere pro file so I can’t fix it -w-)
I really would like to see my TL indestructible tho

Why would that be too much?

Well we heard geoff talk about how its very unlikely that she will gain the +75% speed because it would be “to strong” (nonsence in my opinion) so buffing her base speed and reverting her stealth speed would be even more unlikely.

To why it would be too much with both sombra would be annoyingly alot behind you it would get much more frequent.

I dont say it would be OP or too strong it would probably even work but it also probably get annoying what would leed to bad feedback and nerfs because of that feedback

Its nonsense thats right. She is underperforming. Speeding her up to increase uptime is the way to go to make her better. Not slowing her down.

Sorry to say this but Geoff is simply worng.

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I don’t get #3.

I mean I get what you want with it. I just don’t understand the text below that explains it. Did you slip with your fingers on the keyboard or something?

More speed allows for faster repositioning, avoiding damage, brings back the capability to make certain short cut jumps which ties into faster repositioning and you can chase down low health targets easier.

Pretty much all the advantages more speed has to offer.

Ah. Now I see what you mean. Appreciate the explanation. Thank you, sir, sirette. Siren? or something, idk.

I completely agree with everything here. Higher base speed, a bit of forgiveness with her abilities and damage, a more identifiable UI, and FIXING BUGS would help Sombra a lot.

I get what Blizzard was trying to do (make Sombra easier to pick up and master), but it did not fix any of her existing problems.

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Sorry for my English its pretty bad xD
and thanks for the explanation its way better than mine.

Yea they tried that but I don’t think people actually will pick her up more often because the timers weren’t the annoying thing when I started her shortly after her release it was the DMG it just felt bad I could not kill anything I wasn’t used to tracking.
If they want more people to pick her up they would need to change the DMG output but I (and many others) are against more DMG because that would probably make her OP and annoying to play against what would leed to nerfs that probably make her useless again.

So basically she’s just like Ana. Not fixing her problems and avoiding the problems. That’s blizzard alright.

Also from what I’m getting from these post are even if we did get these changes they would get nerf in the long run and then they will make her worst than she was before right?

To be honest ever since Sombra 2.0 has been nerf I wanted Sombra 1.0 back. I’m seriously wanting the EMP bot again because at least I have niche unlike now.

I’m a DPS who’s not getting their problems fixed which sucks so much…

Yeah because the community is very vocal about not wanting Sombra being a viable balanced pick because shes “unfun” to play against. However it wouldnt justify a nerf from a balance perspective.