Blizzard please keep classic comp

Really? Cuz I’ve played nothing but classic comp and not a single time did we have a 5 dps comp. We did have a 4 dps + 2 healers and guess what? We stomped the enemies 2/2/2 comp so bad they probably cried


Have you played since launch?
Do you regularly play in larger groups of friends?
Can you play multiple roles?

I’m guessing not because those are the main reasons this mode is fun


this is really the proper choice. I dont even mind it being in arcade like quick play classic is. I rarely play normal qp or comp anymore. the one thing i loved most about this game is the flexibility and role queue destroyed that. Give those who liked the system before our choice and allow those who like role queue theirs.

This shows they can do both.


Because there is playing flexibly in OQ and there’s playing Tank in RQ. They are very different things.

OT: I support the keeping of this game mode. There is absolutely no reason not to keep it.


I think they should keep it as an option for people who want it


Used to but the game wont let me, and besides the large group comp games were 100% broken

Nice of you to assume and be completely wrong. The reason the game mode is terrible is because half the games are lost in spawn, like the old competitive, and in the rest while you can form a cohesive team the matchmaking system failed to give you a 6v6 of people who are playing a role at the level they belong so its not even a remotely close game.

The game has gotten better over time and this mode only served to remind me of that.

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“4 DPS Sometimes isn’t that bad.”
I have never won a single game with 4 DPS.
Only 2 is fine.

Yes and that is your experience, my experience playing this game mode with my friends is fantastic - we have a blast switching roles mid game to play to our strengths…you know, how the game was originally designed to be played.


Sounds like a good idea to me. We can keep the OLD COMP as a new Arcade mode.

If you were playing in a group with 4 or more and your games were not one sided one way or the other, I am going to call you a liar. For the first couple years of this games existence I was not great at it so I played with other people and ALL of the games that were 4 or more were one sided either in our favor, usually, or we got stomped. The SRs were not close and the games were a stomp because of the rules of the matchmaker. Those rules are the reason they made several changes later on because reality said those games were a stomp.

The game was also designed with the idea that the best comp would not be 2/2/2 but that happened. They thought the game comps would be 1 healer 1 tank 4 DPS but that is not what ended up happening. There are a great many things about this game that did not play out the way the game was originally designed and all of those were for the best.

I know people have a tendency to romanticize the past, but the notion that the game quality is not provably higher is 2/2/2 is not romanticizing its denying the reality of the present. If there are people who would rather play that mode then that is fine by me because those are likely the same people who deluded themselves into thinking they were much better at other roles than they actually were.

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I personally think it’d be far better if both role-less and 222 modes (qp and comp) existed side by side as equals on the main game selection menu


glad you’re enjoying it. we’re discussing the future of the mode right now.

it’s interesting to see what regions and platforms are responding to the different modes in the game.

i know you all enjoy stats so have fun theorycrafting with this chart (keep in mind this is just data from one day):


Well I hope you consider it

Also where is total mayhem my guy


not in the arcade when these stats were pulled


i know you all enjoy stats so have fun theorycrafting with this chart (keep in mind this is just data from one day):

Hello from KR region.
So all my forum battles with NA players… simply because we play 2 different games? :thinking:


Nintendo seems to love the workshop. Wonder what that’s about?

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Switch has the highest average and it’s in Quick Play
Hahahahahaha I can’t say I’m surprised.
Other consoles have Arcade Comp in top 3
They know what’s up. Step up, PCbros. Keep Arcade Comp.


Oh sorry,

I was asking about it being playable…

It just kinda disappeared since echo came

I understand that there is a lot of modes, but for it being the 2nd most popular mode(from that survey from awhile back, which btw I think we should do another one) at least it could stay as every other day…

(not trying to sound rude)

Talk about a popular arcade mode

Also very interesting to note how internally Switch is still called NX
wonder how many other games do that


i’m deciding to torb one-trick in it (man is torb good this patch) and it’s pretty nice to have a casual variant of the mode because i like how the objective dynamics (where the payload is halted) can dramatically change your approach

of course there are games where people rage at my pick when i’m absolutely not the problem, but you can’t really do anything about people being bad

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