Blizzard please keep classic comp

Finally I have a reason to play competitive again, finally no more waiting 20 mins to find a game and no more relying on random team mates, I can play flexibly in less than 2 mins of q

I’ve seen a lot of people not liking it already but please just keep it, I’m having x100 more fun there, if a lot of people want role q, fine, but at least keep classic comp somewhere in arcade or something for us old timers to have fun, I mean hey, 4 dps sometimes isn’t that bad!


I second this suggestion.


But if you play flexibly, why are your queue times around 20m?


Me too. No more insta lock hogs and moira’s dpsing without caring about the team is fine for me :))


Sometimes you need to switch to tank in the middle of the match in order to compensate for something, which isn’t exactly something you can do in role q when you’re locked to dps heroes


If we have 4 DPS I’ll switch to tank. But I’ll never queue as a tank.


You know you can queue for all 3 roles rite?


You mean queuing as tank?


I mean. Realistically, that doesn’t work as intended, but you could definitely switch it up a bit.

Like if I really wanted to play some Symm I’ll wait for it, but if I wanna play something more immediate, I’ll go with a tank or support.

Correction, I’ll wait for it rather than playing 3 or so 10-30min games before I actually get to properly play the DPS hero.

Just looking at both sides of the situation.

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I don’t know. My definition of flexing is waiting till everyone picks and adjusting. Idk if it’s the same for OP

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Let that mode exists so that the throwers and bad teammates can have a place all their own to exist. Meanwhile we can have real comp for the actually enjoyable and balanced games. I cannot believe anyone who played their placements of that mode, who isnt someone you would not want on your team, would want more of that mode.


I don’t know what kind of matches you played there if any, but so far mine have been very consistent, I did my placements and haven’t played with a single troll, sure sometimes you will play with less skilled teammates but you can’t really blame them for that, I’ve seen more trolls and throwers in my rq placements than I have in classic comp.


Classic comp is hell when you’re a support main. I’ve played 7 matches and in all of them, I was a solo healer, 5 dps, and we lost.


And please put the UI of classic competitive right on the location of role queue competitive. With the option to switch between either one, and to make it the player’s choosing of which to show up first upon game launch.


Because being flexible means you also would like to play DPS, which means that his queues are 20 minutes long.

Otherwise I really want this Open Queue to be permanent !!


Then don’t play it.
Me Im having a blast solo healing as Moira.


I would love for it to be permanent. The only mode I really played was comp, but I’m sick of playing tank. So this is perfect for me, as long as RQ is kept an option for better/more serious games


I mean I agree. I have little interest in playing it because I mostly play support, and DPS chicken is just a stupid minigame event I don’t miss from the older version. But I think it still has huge value in the game.

However, if people say they’re a flex player tired of 20m queues, I think they just need to be honest about what they’re playing/doing.


I love the mode, No long queues, I can flex to multiple roles. I’ve never understood what people have against solo healing, solo tanking I can get but solo healing is a lot of fun for me.


Definitely not. It’s not COMPETITIVE Overwatch at the moment. It WAS competitive overwatch, and now it’s not. The game is balanced for 2/2/2, OWL is done with 2/2/2, etc. “Classic” comp is an arcade mode, and should stay there.