[H]<Crimson Brotherhood> FRI/SAT AOTC


Ladies and gents, we are small group of friends that have been hammering down together for a number of years and FINALLY decided to up and make our own guild. were also very active on the discord in and out of the game!

We are active in Mythic+, with groups running all ranges of keys and our highest group currently hanging around the 15 a 19 key mark.

We are looking for cool people to hang out with. Gear and experience aren’t an issue.

You’re more than welcome if you’re new or returning from a break or you’re just looking to get in on some keys and get some loot with a fun group of people. We don’t take much seriously ( we joke around a ton during keys ) and are looking to grow a community that is based on helping each other.

We are forming a raid team for Shadowlands and looking to add quality players of any role with an emphasis on Ele, WW, Warlock, mage, and DH . Raids currently will be Friday and Saturdays @ 9pm EST The plan is to use these raids to build cohesiveness and morale headed into the expansions raid content.

As of 9/19/20 in the 3 weeks we’ve raided together we are 12/12 Normal and 12/12 Heroic AoTC

If you’re having a hard time finding some quality people to hang with or are just looking for a fresh start hit me up on BNET and we’ll get you situated.


AOTC healer LF raiding guild in SL
LF Normal/Heroic Guild (Mature guild preferred)
Resto Shaman LF raiding guild
[H] Brew Monk LF new Home
Port Warrior Returning for Shadowlands
2 dps looking for Alliance weekend raiding guild
10/12M Protection pally or 5/12M Brewmaster LF raiding guild
Former experienced raider looking to raid again in SL
Any Class LF Guild for Shadowlands
[H] Returning tank/dps duo LF late night guild
[A] Disc/Shadow Priest - LF ATOC Home for SL
Disc/Shadow Priest LF Raiding Guild SL
Former Top 100 Tank LFG
[A] or [H] - 6 experienced players LFG
[H] LF Raiding Guild for SL
[H] LF Weekend Raiding Guild
Looking for AOTC Guild For SL , Looking to play ranged!
Versatile healer LF H/M guild for SL
LFG Horde US Server 477 Resto Druid
5/12m Multi Class Player LF HORDE guild for Shadowlands!
[A] Returning players looking for guild on Stormrage
LFM Progression Guild, SL
Default Druid LF Home
Thank you and Good night! Delete
3 Returning Players LFG (Tank/DPS)
Returning player
[H] A52 470 Warlock LF a fresh start with a new guild!
2 players looking for a new home
[H][Illidan] Looking for a Home
Found Guild Thanks!
[H] Returning Player LFGuild - Shadowlands
DH looking for semi-hardcore guild
Vet player looking for (H) AotC 1-2 night weeknight guild
[H] Solo player looking to fill any role in SL
DPS reroll for Shadowlands, LF Progression Guild
Returning Players (2) - LF Home for SL
Fury Warrior Looking for forever home
Veteran Returning Player - looking for a SL and beyond home
LF weekend raid spot
Returning player LF a mythic guild for shadowlands
Two Returning Players LFG for SL - open to any faction/realm
Coming back to WoW for SL
Returning player looking for a guild for Shadowlands
In the market for a guild
LFGuild for Shadowlands
Returning player looking for a fun laid back home
Looking to make some good friends
S/Disc Priest LF Raiding Guild on high pop server
Friendly Weekend Raider
Enh Shaman Returning for SL LFG
Looking for Shadowlands Guild
Returnig player LF Raiding Guild
LF SL Raiding Guild
476 12/12H 2/12M exp Hunter LF Raiding Guild
Looking for a new home in Shadowlands. Semi-Hardcore Raiding
Healer main/mage looking for guild
Former 99 Parse DPS LF Raiding Guild for Shadowlands
Destro Lock 477
Bear looking for raid spot
Skilled healer looking for home for shadowlands
Three amigos LF new home
Returning DPS/Healer - Looking for Casual Progression Raiding Guild
Shadow Priest or lock looking for long term home for Shadowlands
[H] Range DPS looking for new home for SL
Delete this
2 Previous Mythic Raiders LF Heroic Guild
Returning Player LF Guild for Shadowlands
LF other older players to raid and push keys with
Warlock/Mage Player LF Home for SL
LF Guild for SL - Willing to fill spots
Tank & DPS LF Shadowlands Raiding Team
Returning players lf guild
Two rusty gamers coming back for SL
Rogue or Ret/Prot Pally Returning For Shadowlands
4 Raiders looking to raid
[H] Healer looking for AOTC focused guild for SL
LFG, Flex player (Pally/Shammy/Mage)
[H] Warlock/Paladin LF AOTC Guild for Shadowlands
Veteran Holy Paladin (AOTC) Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
LF Heroic Raiding Guild
[H] 2 Healers LF weekend raiding in SL
Mage and Priest LF Raids
Returning Raider Looking for Guild
472 Hunter looking for Heroic/Mythic raiding guild
LF Raiding Guild for Shadowlands
Now closed
[A or H] LFG - Returning players looking for a fri/sat AOTC focused guild
Returning after BFA looking for Raids
2 Previous Mythic Raiders LF Heroic Horde Guild
4 Raiders looking to raid
Returning Tank LF raiding guild in SL
Vet player / 478 Rogue LFG
Alliance or Horde, doesn't matter!
Looking for established guild to raid with
Looking for raiding guild
LF a Raiding guild for Shadowlands
Flex Tank LF Raiding Guild [Will Transfer]
Returning Frost/Fire Mage LF Raid Team (H)
Returning Horde Raider looking for guild, multiclass, will fit as needed
2 Previous Mythic Raiders LF Guild
New flexible/multiclass LF sHC/MC Raid Guild for SL
Returning Player Looking for a 420 friendly guild!
[A] Tank LF Shadowlands Raiding
Veteran Player Looking to Get Back Into Raiding
Returning M raider ranged LFG for SL
[A/H] Tank lfg for SL keys and raids
127 warrior LF active guild
Looking for Fri and Sat raiding guild (Stormrage) (A)
Relatively Active Player Looking for a New Guild
Late Night Raider ~ 21+
[A] Whisperwind newish player looking for guild
Tank or Melee dps LF guild
[A] Cataclysm Raider looking for Guild - R Shaman
Guardian Druid Seeking Raiding Guild
Warlock LF midcore guild
Returning player on Garona
DPS and Tank
[H] or [A] LF SL Guild for M+ and AOTC/M Raiding
LF Raiding Guild

We could also us a druid, shaman, monk healer and some solid DPS and if possible a BRM tank to expand to mythic raid size.

Added another boss to the list. Looking for DPS and a Tank

Looking to transfer. Sent you a Battle.net FR, prior to transferring I’d like to chat a lil if you have the time.

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Welcome to the crim homie! We’re still looking for some dps and a tank! Dh, spriest, lock, mage, monk come talk to me!

Grats to the Crimson Brotherhood 3 weeks of raiding and 12/12 heroic down. Congrats Guys and Gals!

Good luck with recruiting, most guilds really don’t have space/time for new ppl, even though they say otherwise.

Who wants to play solo for another ~40 days, when you’ve been so for a while. I think recruiters forget that aspect. I was told, “come hang out until SL, we’ll take care of you.” Not overly welcoming =(

We aim to play with everyone and we do in fact have room for more people. We’re not a giant guild so we don’t run into the issues of people getting lost in the shuffle. And you def don’t have to worry about us not playing with you. There is pvp, raid, mythic plus, rated pvp, and soon prepatch stuff to do together. If you need a home come check out crim!

Still looking for a TANK and some DPS. We’re AOTC in 3 weeks!

As a recent recruit and usual Mythic raider (having to step back a bit due to the timing of the expansion and RL), these guys pick up mechanics well and improve on every attempt. I was impressed with how quickly they killed N’zoth on Heroic. “Easy” content for some but with returning players, they jumped back in with style and skill!

Come join us!

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Updated recruitment: we are lookin good on tanks. Just need some DPS. give us a look

Still looking but filling spots fast.

Need a few more Dps

Come join the party! We need YOU!

Still looking for a few DPS.