LFM Progression Guild, SL

Hey everyone!!! we are a newly formed guild, about 10 of us left another guild because they wanted to be causal and we all wanted to raid more and do progression, our mindset is to get into mythic and kill bosses. We are looking for dedicated members to bolster our ranks! Recruiting anyone that wants to progress and mid max there toons in order to go as far as we can!

1 tank
ranged dps

Raid times will be 7:30CST to 10:30CST Tues/Wed/Thurs

Pm me in game heybob
heybob#1452 is btag
JamesM#11840 GM

Cant wait to start this journey into shadow lands!!


Hey TrackandKill,

Not sure if your raid times are solid but we run a Fri/Sat here and wouldn’t mind having yall come over to expand our roster for Mythic. Check us out.


Great group of people to play with

no thanks big dog we are building up this guild. Appreciate it though