2 Previous Mythic Raiders LF Heroic Horde Guild

We dodged the mess of BfA and are looking for a heroic guild for Shadowlands.

Raid Times: Tuesday Wednesday Friday or Saturday for available days. 8 or 9 est Start times for 2-3 hours a night.

Classes we Play: Enhancement Shaman or Havoc DH for one person. Aff Lock for the other.

Please do not message me if your times are not right or if you are not horde, we do not want to server AND faction change.

BTag: ToxicZach#1677

Please add Levios#1714 on bnet

Would love to talk times and such.


Crimson Brotherhood is looking for some quality dps to add to our core raid group. We’re also active in mythic+. Check us out.


Hey Ogzach!

Feel free to message me. retrowave#11236