Tank & DPS LF Shadowlands Raiding Team

Hello! My name is Carebëär, A friend and I are looking for Spots on a raiding crew on Illidan - US. We are looking for a team with a fun environment with a progress oriented mind set. we raided throughout legion and BFA together and I’ve been raiding since the beginning on and off. we have logs for heroic Nighthold, Antorus and Uldir. We also have mythic logs for the second tier of BFA. I can heal / DPS pretty much any class but much prefer Tanking on a Bear, my friend (Unclemoe) plays Assassination Rogue.

When we’re not raiding we spend our days in M+, we also like to do carry runs for gold to fund our raiding needs / requirements. The second tier of BFA we would average close if not more than 100+ M+ a week with randoms, guildies and even just in sales.

We plan on starting back on pre patch and will swiftly be ready to rumble so that when the raid comes out we will be 100% ready with fights learnt.

Looking for Heroic mainly but if a mythic crew happens to approach us we wont mind! The harder the better for us :smile:

Thank you for taking the time to read and hope to see you all in the Shadow Lands!

:3 Carebëär :3

Hey Doc, add me and we can talk more in detail. Look forward to hearing from you.


We are formed by a group of veteran players that have known each other for years. Our core leadership has top US 30-100 experience. We also have a few people who have pushed 12/12M this tier. We are a laid back group but know when it is time to get serious and push content. We raid a relatively light schedule compared to other guilds at our rank and want to be efficient and effective with our time.

With many of us having experience in higher end raiding the target for the guild is to progress in the US 100-200 range. As a result, we are taking our time with recruitment in order to meet these goals.

Current recruitment needs:
Melee DPS – DK, Rogue, DH
Ranged DPS – Warlock, Hunter
Healer- Disc/Holy Priest, MW Monk

With a new expansion just around the corner we are flexible to what people are looking to play and are open to changes for Shadowlands.

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 11:00-2:00AM EST

If you have any questions or would like additional info please feel free to reach out to either
Kurtis (Recruitment Officer): Burtis#11734 (Btag) Kurtis#2708 (Discord)
Moja (Raid Lead): Moja#11524 (Btag) Saint#0374 (Discord)

Thank you for the info, the raid times unfortunately don’t meet our needs, I forgot to put them up on the page, my bad!

Hi Carebear! I am from Dark Ascent on Arygos. We are an AOTC guild with a large active community of players who are mature and have been playing together for a long time.

We have a core raid for heroic, a fun run night, active M+ key nights, and a core group pushing M+ content in the 17+ range. Our raid nights are currently W-F, 9-11pm EST. In general we are a fun guild that supports each other, and there is always something going on.

You guys sound like a good fit for our community, and if you are interested feel free to reach out to me on disc at Grumps#3985. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Verdeloth, appreciate the info sir! alas friday nights are off limits to us, we are looking for something Mon - Thursday from anywhere between 6-11 eastern.

Thank you for your reaching out!
Safe travels and great fortune to all of you Dark Ascent peeps


Hey Carebear!

Crimson Brotherhood has spots for both a tank and DPS. We’re also active in Mythic+. Check us out!


Hello Carebear! I am from Meme Regime - (H) Mal’Ganis we’d like to invite both you and your friend to join us for SL both in and out of raiding! Below you can find a bit more info about our guild

After taking a break through most of BFA and casually raiding for AOTC + Mythic kills we are back with the drive to push into high mythics and strive for CE this coming expansion.

Meme Regime and was formed in late 2013 as a 10 man guild full of friends. The bulk of us have been raiding together since BC/Wrath. We like to think of ourselves as good people.

However, we meme a lot at times. We like to have fun, and believe raiding should be something that is fun to do, not all work. We do have a serious face though >:|.

We have a very healthy Mythic+ farm/push community and strongly encourage all raiders/trials to maintain an active role in it.

Current Needs: We have most of our core solidified and are looking for the next few dank memers to join us!

Raid Times:

Tues/Wed/Thurs 9 pm - 12 am EST

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the following;
Fonze - Recruitment Officer: Fonze#9748 on Discord or Fonze#1379 on Bnet

Thanks Azshul for the offer, unfortunately the days don’t fit with ours, best of luck in SL!

Thanks as well Fonze but 12 is a little to late for my friend :c, Best of luck to you guys as well

cheers! good luck in your search!

Hey there Doc, we are building a mythic team for shadowlands and could use more range/healers!! We raid Thursday: 8pm to 1130pm EST and Friday 8pm to 1230am EST! Our website is https: //faceroll. org(remove the spaces) for more info!!!