[H] or [A] LF SL Guild for M+ and AOTC/M Raiding

Pretty mediocre player. Just started raiding mid 8.3. Enjoyed it and did AOTC now looking for a guild for SL that’s not too hardcore, but pushes into Mythic raiding.

My first and foremost enjoyment is M+ dungeons however and looking for a guild that has a good community for that part of the game.

2.7k IO and 90% avg perf for Nyalotha, like I said, mediocre, but still somewhat new to raiding and pve and looking for a guild to take the next step on that front.

Ideally, since there will be two of us looking to join, it’s a guild with multiple raid teams for different goals. Community is most important to us. We play quite a bit and we want to make sure the people we play with are cool, mature and are enjoyable to be around.

Willing to transfer/reroll to another faction or server. (Only looking for new server/faction if high population though).

Thanks and look forward to meeting some people!

My guild is MedCore(AOTC then Mythic on release), We are called Strictly Business on Horde Zul’Jin, LF a few more dps for M/T/Tr 8-11pm eastern raid nights. If those times are good for you message Abasdar21#1478 for more info :slight_smile:

Good day Craig!

[Thrall][H] is a small community full of experienced players with the goal of Aotc and light mythic raiding coming into Shadowlands.

Our goal is to be healthy and competitive while still having fun. Our main focus, will of course be raiding, but we enjoy playing all aspects of the game. Community means a lot to me, I don’t want the guild to get too big.

Raid Info
We currently only have one raid team, perhaps a second one in the future on the weekends for alts if there is enough interest.
Tues/Weds 8pm-11pm server time (est?) 5pm-8pm Pst.

Recruitment Priorities
(I’m unsure what you two are wanting to play)

A few more DPS (Ranged or Meele)

*Tank/Healer spots are filled for raid.
If one of you are set on healing it can be something we can discuss. :slight_smile:

Discord: Lewpha#1481
Send me a request on Discord if you think we may be a good fit for you!

Hey Craig!

Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add quality players and good people to our raid team. We’ere also AoTC and KSM and will be looking to push into mythic raiding. Check us out!