[H] Returning tank/dps duo LF late night guild

Hello! We are a Guardian druid / Feral druid duo looking for a horde guild to progress with in Shadowlands. Feral druid may be willing to play balance or a warlock depending on how the standings are when the tier comes out. Due to work schedules, we cannot raid earlier than 10pm EST. Any day of the week is fine as long as it is after this time.

6/8M EP - 9/12M Nya

Feral is a past CE raider that has raided successfully as a feral, boomkin, disc priest, and warlock. Willing to flex depending on the guilds needs. Strongly prefer to play feral, but I do understand that they have not been the best. I typically have two viable classes at max level for the purpose of flexing. Would be willing to do any of the listed classes to suit the guilds needs.

Guardian is an all around excellent player. Always looking for areas to improve on with sims and referencing logs. He prefers to play guardian, but perhaps would be willing to flex as well if completely necessary.

Logs are available but ferals are outdated. I stopped raiding before the corruption vendor came out. Ideally would like to find a guild that is pushing for CE. Would prefer 2 days a week but would consider doing 3. We are currently on the alliance but absolutely want to come back to the horde for Shadowlands. We are not interested in staying Alliance.

Feel free to add me to get in touch or drop your guild spam.
battle tag: lakengriff#1612
discord: Misswhiskers#2280


Crimson Brotherhood is looking for quality players to expand and push into mythic. We’re a newer guild that got 12/12 normal and heroic Nya down in 3 weeks of raiding on a 2 day schedule. We’re also active in Mythic+ and will be pushing KSM asap in SL. Check us out.


Still looking <3