DPS and Tank

I’m a dps main with a Tank friend that looking for a raiding guild for shadowlands.

We’re looking to add to our core raid team for SL. Bleeding Hollow [H]. Raid times are Tues / Wed / Thurs 10:30PM CST - 1:30 AM. Progression minded (CE’s every Tier) so 9+ hours a week. RL / GM is 12/12M top 80 World Exp. Add my Bnet Jered#1381 or disc Jered12#7205 if you’d like to talk.

Hey there, I am from GungHo Guns on Stormreaver. We are a fairly new guild that is made up of mostly chill people between ages 20-30 mostly. Most people have come back to the game at the end of the expansion in anticipation for Shadowlands. Currently we have only been heroic raiding, but we are thinking of trying some mythic progression in Shadowlands as we build out our roster more. Outside of raid there are always people trying to run keys or doing transmog runs. We currently raid Fridays and Saturdays at 9pm EST but that may change as we get into Shadowlands. If you’re interested you can come run some keys, raid with us, or just hang out in discord to see if we would be a good fit. Let me know if you have any questions or if you would be interested! Feel free to contact me on discord @ tumtumtumnus#5959.

Hey Aakon! We could use both a tank and a dps!

The Shanghai Zen Masters are a brand new guild full of tight-knit players who have been playing the game together since WotLK and Cata with plenty of Mythic+ and pvp experience. We are looking to do progression raiding mainly throughout the new Shadowlands expansion, but we constantly do Mythic+ dungeon runs, and casual pvp together.


Nightime raiding schedule Mon + Wed 8pm-11pm Est (invites out 7:45pm)

Progression raiding focus Normal>Heroic> and eventually Mythic

Alliance on the server Stormrage

discord.gg/ JTj5ZWc Write your toons name, class and role, and a brief summary about you
Discord: D-Matt#8870
Bnet: TrickyTree #1397

Hey Aakon is a Mythic progression focused raiding guild. Raid times Fri/Sat 8-11 pm PST (11-2 EST) and Sun 8-10 pm PST (11-1 EST).

12/12 M Ny’alotha
6/8 M Eternal Palace
8/9 M BoD
3/7 M Uldir

Recruiting all ranged DPS though all exceptional should apply. Mythic+ players welcome too.

Please apply at: https://discord.gg/ag8yxSA

If you have any questions please message me on discord. Kettch#6262


Crimson Brotherhood is looking for a tank and some ranged dps headed into shadowlands. Check us out.