[A] Whisperwind newish player looking for guild

Hey all. Looking for a casual social guild that doesn’t mind newish players. I’ve played the game off and on over the years but haven’t really gotten into it as I haven’t found a good guild to run with.

I’m currently a level 63 fury warrior but am looking to level multiple classes at some point. I have yet to do any group content at all in WoW and would love to get into it.

I’m NA EST online after 930pm, which seems to be a bit later than when most EST guilds run their events so I guess I’m looking for a CST/MST guild. Or an EST guild that runs later.


Hey Ulgren! Grey Horse Army loves new"ish" players! We are a recently founded guild built around the idea of a fun and active community first and foremost. We do plan to raid, but that is just one thing we do, and plenty of our members don’t even raid! We plan fun activities like hide and seek, build alt armies, collect mounts and mogs and more! We do start raids at 9pm, but would love to have you none the less! :slight_smile: Message me at Thistlebloom#1316 if you want to chat.

Ok sent a request over bnet, coming from Forbo.

Hey Ulgren,

Crimson Brotherhood may be a good fit for you. We’d be able to help you learn the ropes. Check us out.