[A] Cataclysm Raider looking for Guild - R Shaman

I am a returning player, I raided Heroic Tiers in Cataclysm. I am hoping to get back into raiding for Shadowlands. I am currently planning on maining my Resto Shaman. I would love a guild on Kil’jaeden US - But would be willing to transfer if the right guild comes up. Looking for a casual setting.

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Hey Jordix,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add some good players headed into shadowlands. We’re 12/12 AoTC and KSM. We’re going to be getting in to mythic raids on a casual schedule. Check us out.


Hey there friend, we aren’t on your server unfortunately but if you are willing to check us out contact me on discord @Stubborn As Fronz (there’s another s in as) and we can chat there! :smiley:

Hey Jordix! I believe Grey Horse Army (Turalyon) would be a good fit for you :slight_smile: We do raid heroic each tier, but we are overall a casual guild. We have plenty of members who don’t even raid. We plan fun activities like hide and seek, or just running old content for mounts/mogs/etc. We could definitely use a healer! If you would like to chat, my battlenet is Thistlebloom#1316!

Thanks for the reply! I just sent a request as Gubbs