Former Top 100 Tank LFG


I’m a returning tank player looking to raid again. I have previous Mythic Raiding experience in Wrath, Cata, and Legion. I’m looking to tank for a guild in Shadowlands.

I don’t want to raid more than 3 days a week and I am unable to raid on Mondays.

My experience means I understand how my class works, the research that needs to be done before fights and everything else that comes with raiding.

I would like to tank as a Brewmaster in SK but I am open to playing DH or DK as well.

If you’re looking for a reliable tank with experience in progression content feel free to contact me.

I would prefer to stay horde and I would like a guild that is open to bringing a priest (healer most likely) in with me. She doesn’t have the experience I do but she is capable of learning.

Contact me here or add men on Bnet. Kindabigdeal#1965

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This is my DK if you’re interested in where my toon is at now.

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Feel free to add me


Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add a tank and some DPS to our core. We’re also active in Mythic+. Check us out!


Greetings Stranger’s I am Guild Master Renraghogar of Midnight Rose. I am Seeking New & Old or Returning to the Land of Azeroth. To join use in Midnight Rose while we Raise our Banner of the Midnight Rose. To strike out in Raid or simply Dungeon and don’t forget our time slaughtering our Enemies in BattleGrounds and Arenas for Glory and simple fun as we enjoy the Game what we love. :grinning:

–What we are looking for–

Casual players, and or new and experienced Raiders/PvP focus Player’s. You do not need any previous experience to join this guild as It is a fresh opportunity for everyone involved. All we ask is you learn how to play your class inside and out. As far as completing: dungeons, quests, and raid bosses. We will help you do that as long as you are able to listen and learn. We expect everyone to be treated equally and fair as we wish to keep a welcoming guild for all new and experienced players!

–For Raider’s–

All raiders are required to keep their raiding characters prepared. By joining our guild as a raider team, you agree to maintain your characters gear and come prepared for your class and spec to raid. Be reminded that, we all make mistakes but that is alright as long as we are improving! We are here to have some fun as a guild but, we must keep a serious attitude for Raiders. Simply put, the goal of every tier will be to push as far into Mythic raiding as we can. We also offer casual, social aspects of the game throughout our guild.

Outside of Raid Days/Nights, we will be organizing regular old school raid events and achievement runs, Dungeons runs, questing, PVP events and learner raids for all new members not currently scheduled.

–Raid Time’s–

(possible weekday raid TBD)

Saturday 9 pm Realm time

Sunday 9 pm Realm time

–Requirement to join–

*Any age simply got to be mature and don’t cause drama unless everyone is aware its for jolly time.

*For Raider’s & PvP player’s to join our Discord (no broken mic)

*If not already on AREA-52(US) you must transfer

*Must Download and maintain required add-ons

**Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs

–Recruitment Seeking–

Everyone :smile:



Guild Master/Warlord: discord-Spiritouspath#9016-btag-Spiritouspat#1550

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