Bear looking for raid spot

Hello all,

I am returning to WoW for shadowlands, rerolled into druid with a plan to main bear. I would like to find a raiding guild that has a need for a tank.

What you get from me:

Reliable raid attendance, I work 9-5 (mdt) monday to friday, so my life is consistent. As a tank role, I understand the importance of being a reliable raider. I have extensive experience in this game, raiding server first in TBC as a mage in black temple and sunwell. In various other expansions, I have raided various heroic raids. I have also completed all the classic raids in a top parsing guild (yeah I know, classic raids…). I like to be optimal with my class, reading guides and watching youtube content from top players. I also enjoy going into content knowledgable, this is important as a tank as you are responsible for setting the pace. I am also willing to help raid lead where need be, as I feel tanks are responsible going into fights with a good understanding of the mechanics.

I am a mature gamer (32) looking for like minded people.

What I want from a guild:

Reliable raid times on a fixed 2 day schedule. I would PREFER weekends, and a guild on Alterac Mountains, but I am willing to move for the right home. Horde is a must. My content goals are AOTC, with mythic attempts. As I will come to raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of new fights, I would expect the team do the same.

I will maintain an alternate spec in the event an off tank is not needed, the guild can decide what the need is, but I am flexible. I am not hunting for a main tank spot, but could off tank - where bears shine.

I am a fresh 120, so nothing as of now makes any sense. I also did not learn any BFA content, because the expansion did not keep my interest. I would like to find a home so when shadowlands hits, I can help tank 5 man’s - this would be a great chance to trial me as a tank, but also get to know each other.

Until shadowlands, I will contiue to work on gearing and could tank low key dungeons for alts in the guild.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,


Hey Progy, just hitting you up about our group. We’re a guild of players who all roughly joined in 8.3 around summertime, all of us range from 2.5k - 3k io and achieved 9/12M in about two months flat.

We’re on Kil’jaeden due to smaller server load but serious competitive environment. We pay for server transfers so if you’re at all interested in raiding/keys with us, our raid days are 5p pst Sunday/Monday.

Main goal is to achieve CE in shadowlands, however we are all interested in m+ and also do things like achievement/transmog runs, grind dailies together and split professions.

Hope you find your guild!

feel free to hit me on bnet or discord

bnet: AfroMonkey#1759
disc: AfroMonkey010#5237

Thanks for the reply, your times cut it a bit close for me on monday. I’d be preparing my kids supper then, would need a later time. The sunday would work well, but I would not be reliable on the monday - which is not ideal for a tank.


It’s all good! Just out of curiosity, how much later would be ideal for you? Either way thanks for the response.

Well I am off work an hour before your raid time. I have to get kids from daycare and then make supper. 6 or ideally 7 PST would fit better. Obviously not expecting a guild re arrange anything! Haha

A sat / sunday raid in the evening’s would be best.


Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add a tank to our main raid. We’re also active in Mythic+. Check us out!


I’ll add you on Bnet Azshul

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Awesome! Look forward to chatting with you homie!