2 dps looking for Alliance weekend raiding guild

Hello, we are a demonhunter and shadow priest, looking for a heroic weekend raiding guild on alliance. We have plenty of raiding experience, some mythic, and aotc since WoD. We plan on server transferring and faction changing.
Just looking for a normal AOTC raiding guild that wants to some slap some m+.

Hey Ohgeesy,

We’re not alliance but, Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add both a DH and Spriest to our core raid group headed into shadowlands. We’re active in Mythic+ and Discord.


[A] Stormrage -We are an AOTC and Mythic + focused guild looking to achieve Keystone Master each season. Our founding members have raided since Vanilla/TBC, some in top server 1st guilds. Current roster consists of age 18+ members with mature language and crude jokes from time to time. Although our general guild atmosphere is fun and lighthearted, we do take our raids, dungeons, and our members time seriously so in order to remain a part of the raid team or be invited to high end dungeon keys players need to show a consistent high level of performance. We expect all raiders and dungeoneers to know their class and come prepared (cauldrons and feasts provided in raid). Raid Times: Friday and Saturday 830pm-11pm EST/server (invites @815) Mythic + Keys ran throughout the week and have no set schedule.

Bnet Thugnificent#11223
Discord Thugnificent#2056

Hi Ohgeesy,

We’re a casual raiding guild doing normal/heroic content. We raid Friday and Saturday from 6-9 pm Pacific (9 pm - midnight Eastern). Here’s a link to an ad I posted recently. Take a look and if you think we might be a good fit for you let me know and we can discuss further. Look forward to hearing from you soon!