[H] LF Weekend Raiding Guild

Hello, long time player here returning to modern WoW after skipping most of BfA for Classic. Looking for a Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday raid situation, or any combination of those nights. DPS, rolling Warlock main with DK/Rogue/Hunter/Paladin as possible alt(s). East Coast. Thursday/Friday available for raids after 5:00 PM EST, Saturady/Sunday available all day.

Hey Aprocalypse,
Too Sweet is a alliance guild on Lightbringer… we raid Friday and Saturdays 9-11 / Midnight central times. The server itself is a heavy alliance server on the pacific time.
We are AOTC focused guild need more locks/shadow priest/ or any range dps.
Jackymoon#1378 is my btag.

SINFEST - Illidan (Horde)

Current Progression:
11/12 M Ny’Alotha

Guild Info:

We are a semi-hardcore guild with the goal of clearing all end-game content.
We started raiding 3 months after Ny’Alotha was released and we are currently 11/12M progression. We have made great progress in the 5 months we have raided together as a guild and we plan to continue to push better progression into Shadowlands.

We are looking for players that are dedicated to always improving thier class/role for future raid tiers. We are currently looking for all roles and specs.

Please Note: All Raiders are expected to come prepared to Raid!! This means you need to have potions, food, & flasks.

Raid Times:

Saturday 7:00 - 10:00 Server (Central)
Sunday 7:00 - 10:00 Server (Central)

Raid Philosophy:

We plan to bring our best raiders for progression bosses since that is the main focus of the guild, but we will do our best to bring all guild members for farm content as long as your damage/healing is up to par in terms of Mythic difficulty. I have been trying to reach out and work with individuals on how to improve dps since that’s kind of my specialty. We plan to get the kills in Mythic to everyone in the guild that has an interest in raiding but you have to be patient. Our goal is to get ‘Cutting Edge’ for all our raid members.

Please reach out if you have additional questions or concerns. I do want to remind everyone if we ask you to sit for a boss please don’t take it personally. Everyone in guild will get the kills and the gear from the Mythic Ny’Alotha raid.

Let’s have fun and kill some bosses!

Bnet: Digichaos#1273, Galso#11753

Hey there Aprocalypse, we are looking for more range/healers for our team. We are building a team for Shadowlands. We raid Thurs: 9pm to 1130pm EST and Friday: 9pm to 1230pm EST. If this interest you head over to our website https ://faceroll.org (Delete the space between https and ://)


Hi, we’ve started a 1 day/week raiding guild on bleeding hollow horde. We are aiming at clearing mythic with a 4 hour/week time commitment.
Add me and we can talk to see if we would be a good fit for you

Hey Aprocalypse,

Crimson Brotherhood is looking to add a Lock to our main raid team headed into shadowlands. We’re AoTC looking to push into Mythic and KSM in mythic+. Check us out.


Hey, we will be raiding Thursday/Friday 830-1130 pst if that works for you.

If interested my btag is corrupt#11776 discord is fourge#6154