Blizzard save your game! go 1/3/2

Dang big man Jeff came back. !


1-3-2 is a no go. 2-3-2, though… that wouldn’t be bad. I’d like to see that possible in workshop at least just to test it out.


As someone who outright liked 3dps solo tank over 2/2/2 on all roles since S4 for pretty much all the reasons you mentioned, I’m definitely happy the team did experiment with it, but I’m curious if that ever extended to testing 2/3/2?


Good idea, lets make players not want to play tank more.

It might work, but it would also be super unfun for the only tank player.


That makes me wonder if it’s worth making the game 7v7 and doing 2-3-2 instead?


exceeding 12 players per match would cause significant technical challenges (we’re highly optimized towards 12 right now). experimenting with less than 12 is more realistic. it’s not that we cannot do it… it’s that the cost would be extremely high.


2-3-2 is 7 players it’s complete non sense…


i feel like tanks would need re balancing so they could sustain themselves without an off tank against three dps. looking at hp pools of over a 1000 and maybe infinite hp barriers.

Turning tanks into effectively raid bosses where you need to hard focus them down might be interesting.


I figured technical stuff was the limiting factor, but reading it from you directly helps me confirm it. It’d still be pretty cool to tinker with in workshop somehow though.


Yeah but the core change like +1 dps, it’s only effective if you try a " new game " like OW2.

It would be very interesting to see how tanks could be balanced if only 1 was allowed on each team.


Yeah we kinda saw that with that bug in custom games back in early 2018 where you were able to spawn in infinite numbers of bots until the game crashed

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Dude jeff is active on the forums! He was on another thread too

(also now this thread will blow up- as in it will get bigger with replies and views)



Thank you so much for explaining this to us! Love hearing from the devs on these hypotheticals. It really helps to know you’re around.


It would be amazing to have a 1-2-2 and one flex slot, only usable for those players that have the same rank in Tank and DPS for example or some evaluation like that.

Being able to switch roles and proving you are a Flex player would make a lot of Flex players going back into the game.


Interesting post here but Thanks for posting on the forums Jeff. Always appreciate it.


do it for april fools

also yeah, please try out bigger and scarier ideas on the ptr. Not everything needs to come to live, but it would be interesting to see what could’ve been, and allow the players to experience why it never was, or, why it will be. It could change people’s opinions and steer them towards a more clear idea of what they feel the game needs


Well, never thought lightning would strike twice with Developers continuing to remain active in the forums. Sounds like the OW Team idea for Roadhog was a lot like how I’ve been tinkering with him in the Workshop.

I tried him at 400 HP too, but he just felt too tanky.

This is from my 1/3/2 Workshop mode. [shameless plug - I posted the idea on the workshop forum. Feel free to check it out and take whatever you want]

Raid Hero Role
Ammo Set to 3 per clip
Health - 300 Health
Hook now has an Elim Reset [cooldown set to 10 seconds]


Wasn’t expecting a wall of text from daddy Jeff on these forums, feelsamazingman, what a time to be alive!


Oh wow…

Thank you very much for your response Mr.Jeff!

This is an interesting read, and honestly, im very happy with the path you are experimenting with!

However, I have a question:

What would you do with all the utility heroes such as Sombra, Sym, Torb, Mei, etc who rarely get to find their place in the game?

Have you ever thought about adding 1 more slot for “Utility” ?

So there is 1 tank, 3 damage, 2 support, and 1 utility?
Or maybe like 1 tanks, 2 damage, 1 utility, 2 healers?

I realize this sounds a bit crowded and messy, but i cannot help but to be curious about it.

I really wouldn’t like it if they were to be made more DPS-ish as i fear that they will lose their originality and uniqueness.