How about 2-3-2? Yes, 7 players

Would it break the game?

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That does seem to be the case. They said the game in no way is adaptable to 7v7 without dumping incredible amounts of money into it.

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You know what I would be perfectly fine with that

It’s not only financial cost.

Theres balance issues as well. I actually made a thread on this days ago.

"Simply wondering whether an additional dps slot, a team size of 7, would be effective in countering balance changes and also DPS queue times?

It brings in some cons as in there is higher potential for combos to go off which may seem oppressive. A possible solution would be to decrease ult generation maybe and/or increase the time a match goes for, either by increasing the time baseline for payload or hybrid maps, or reducing the production rate of king of the hill maps.

Thoughts maybe?"

The replies to my OP explain the issues.