232 role queue (7 vs 7)

Just a thought, is there any reason why overwatch is a 6 vs 6 game.

Is there any merit to seeing a 7 vs 7 game with 2 tanks, 3 dps and 2 support?

Or am i crazy? (don’t need to answer, i always know this one).

It would definitely be interesting, but I don’t think it would work. 1 more dps could mean 1 more flanker or lead to comps like: Sombra Mei Reaper or something outrageous like that.

It has been explained that hosting a 7v7 server would be too pricy at the moment, but i recommend you don’t get your hopes up because it’s probably a thing that will happen in the far far future.

Or maybe not at all.


From Jeff’s lips to your ears

Well at least I got my answer. Costs alot? They made like 100-200 million on Owl alone. That doesnt include people buying skins/merch/game itself. 7 v 7 they made it sound like it would bank roll them or it’s a huge gamble they aren’t worth trying? The DPS Q time is what’s going to kill the game eventually, and this great idea I honestly don’t see it costing more than A few million which is nothing to Activision/Blizzard. :slight_smile:

Enough they don’t want to, which is enough. Cost is also in time.

we have seen what the dev team is like working on major stuff at the same time (like OW2)

Ow2 would be ideal to do it I agree as ow1 is done. Planting the seed/mentioning it before release helps influence more ideas now. The idea could be trash, but solving DPS Q times to me would be a priority as even owl players (especially the mvps sin himself) said many of them are leaving because the Q times are ridiculous. And all of my IRL friends quit because of this. I’m not going to quit yet, but I totally understand their frustration and this is a legitimate way to solve it. The 1 tank was worth a shot but for sure not a good outcome. I’m assuming they are considering this already and just hope they program it now to at least have the option, instead of short term programming