Idea to replace 2-2-2 with 1-1-2-2 or 1-1-1-2

Well, if people don’t like 2-2-2, how about this possibilities? These move heroes into other roles to try to make combinations more favorable to the playerbase.

Split and combine Tanks and DPS to create a ‘Area Control’ role, and make the game 1-1-2-2.

This involves taking the non-barrier tanks (Wrecking Ball, Roadhog, Zarya, and Dva) and combining them with the tankier DPS (Reaper, Mei, Symmetra, and Torbjorn) to create a new role. The teams now have one tank, one area control, two DPS, and two supports. Symmetra and Torbjorn get significant buffs to make them competitive with the rest of the heroes in this category (mostly, more HP). Sigma would be reworked into a main tank to fit into that category better.

This fixes the following issues:

  1. Some DPS heroes are pulled out of the DPS role, reducing the DPS queue.
  2. Torbjorn and Symmetra are made actual important heroes that the developers can’t ignore.
  3. No double barrier comps.
  4. No double off tank comps.

In the long term possibly some other heroes would also be reworked in this manner (maybe Bastion or Sombra?) and making more tanks and area control heroes would be a high priority.


He has already addressed the issue of introducing 3211

This suggestion doesn’t involve more than 6 players per team.


I deleted it already lol misread title

I have mixed feelings about this tbh.

I would prefer a utility role but this doesn’t sound bad

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The problem is, who does the utility role replace? Probably the second support, not the off tank.

Nah it would replace niche dps heroes like Sombra who have a hard time dealing raw damage.

We could take some off tanks too if we adjust their self sustainability and overall damage

Your idea is really good. It just doesn’t seem optimal for overly niche dps heroes who can’t be viable without being almost broken