Why not have 2-3-2?

2 tanks, 3 DPS and 2 supports, 7 vs 7. What could go wrong?


because servers aren’t designed for it, neither are the maps


The answer of the man Himself


jeph already said they would need to redo whole game, its too expensive to do

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This isnt a 7vs7 game, plus he already told us about it not even that long time ago that they wont do it.


TL;DR excuse, excuse, excuse.

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and what are you giving? the same thing

You clearly don’t know the definition of an excuse, my friend.

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your right, when you are spouting is bullplop


When you can learn the definitions of common words and can properly format your posts without errors, I’ll respond to you.

Otherwise ignored / dismissed.

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I totally agree. Having less tanks will mean that we won’t be able to create space. I do understand that the long DPS queue times is a problem but it’s not a good idea to solve it like this.

2-3-2 seems a really good solution for me but then yeah i can understand that too if it’d cost too much to accomplish.

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i think you mean reason, reason, reason


Not really.

They’re all excuses.

For their point of “the game is designed for 6 characters on each team!” that’s a bunch of bullcrap. Jeff himself (IIRC, or it could have been another dev), when Bob was released, was hyping how Bob was specifically designed with properties to be a 7th team member. Although you cannot control him, he functions exactly like a 7th team member (can be slept, hacked, healed, etc) and can capture points.

So no, I don’t buy their bs that the game is only designed to function with only 6 people on each team.

The real explanation for why they won’t do 2-3-2 (despite it being leagues better than 2-2-2 and 1-3-2) is that it would take more effort than they want to do.

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bob is veeery different from having a 7th active player


How? Give examples please.

hes an extremely simple ultimate. he rushes forward, stops at a certain point, and then just runs the turret AI

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How simple his function is, is IMO, irrelevant.

He still functions like a 7th team member.

its completely relevant, the complexity of the characters in the game is what makes it difficult for the game to handle 7 players


Do you have proof of this?

Are you aware people in Workshop have done highly complex things without problems?

The evidence just doesn’t support the premise.

those complex things arent throwing 2 new players into every single game of comp