A compromise to 2-2-2: 3-2-2

3 DPS, 2 supports, 2 tanks. It creates more DPS spots without creating the one-tank problem that Papa Jeff described in a 3-2-1.

edit: I saw Papa Jeff’s post. Oh well, was worth a shot.

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he said too expensive to do


Just remove role lock.


I’m not gonna go into why that’s borderline impossible at this point or what the programming and game design problems that has - cuz it’s been answered on the forums 10000000 times.

But I’ll tell you this

In no universe, in no game, where you get Hog + D.va or 2 tanks not synergising and working together going against 3 dps instead of 2 a better and more fun game.

Hog + D.va or Rein + Hog or Sigma + Hog vs 3 dps… think about it… /shivers

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Things are way too chaotic with more than 12 players. The devs have said so several times, though last I recall was 2 years ago.

We had this before and everyone was complaining about bad composition. It would be 5DPS and 1 support or 1 healer.

People complained that they are hard stuck in gold/plat/you name it because they dont have tank or healer.

Now with 222 they are still hard stuck and still complain.
They will complain anyway.