1-3-2? Why not 2-3-2

1-2-2 would be faster, since it requires half as much tank players to start a match.

Hem, I suppose this could be true

It will cut the time required to find a tank in half. The matchmaker would need only 1 tank per 2 DPS, instead of 2.

Another great benefit is having more balanced matches with no more 1000 SR difference between tanks.

Just make it 7v7 and rebalance everything as well as redesign the maps 4head.

Yah didn’t think it through, my issue with it then would be that every tank would need to be outfitted to a main tank. I don’t see this happening because they have already stated they don’t want to do anymore reworks let alone the entire off tank roster

Quote from Jeff

Not really. You’d just need some main tanks, and retrofit the rest as Damage.

Also with 1-2-2, you wouldn’t have a solo tank fighting off 3DPS.

They are already going this direction. Orisa, Sigma, Rein, Hammond are the “premium” tanks, you absolutely require one of them and you can combine them together. Winston is sort of the same, but gets countered too hard by meta DPS.

D.Va, Hog and Zarya are second-grade heroes at this point. They are only allowed to exist in pair with a “real” tank and are better replaced by the 2nd one anyway.

Because there are only 6 player slots per team match most of the time? That is the most logical answer to “Why not 2-3-2” wouldn’t be a bad idea if we didn’t only have 6 player slots.

I think 2-3-2 would be interesting, however I don’t think it would be healthy permanently. I think every season the role locks should change- we could play 2-2-2 for season 20, 2-3-2 for season 21, 1-3-1 for season 22, no role locks for season 23 and so forth. It’d shake the meta up and make players interested in returning to the game, based on what heroes they enjoy playing.

But if they take away the off tanks and I have 4 tanks to choose from I can only speak for myself
I don’t think I would play tank anymore when I can choose a class that has double or triple the options.
There’s only so much I guess I’ll play rein again and try not to get annoyed when no one supports me I’d be able to do.

Switch roles or eat those long que times because 1 of any role is doubtful to happen unless they make massive changes to the game in which we’d far more likely get 2/3/2.

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2 3 2 would be good for the game.

The 2 players would mean that they would likely rework every map and this would bring a lot of fresh air in a game with the worst maps i’ve ever seen.

Shorten the DPSs queues.

And would push the developers to treat tanks like real tanks. I’ve been saying this forever now. Tanks should be either the top priority for the dps (Die first) or the last MEN standing on the point.

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Jeff said he functions as such. So unless the word function means something different…it shouldn’t be a problem for the game to handle extra people.

It’s meta and usually people at top tier run meta.

Properties, yes. Which proves that the game can handle the addition of other players.

I’m sure a multi-billion company can handle it. They just don’t want to.

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They could change the game, yes, and they don’t want to, yes

Get over it

And again, Bob proves nothing because he’s an ai you dolt

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For a game calling itself “2” and trying to market itself as the premiere esport, Reducing to 1 Tank would feel a lot more like a downgrade than an upgrade. Why wouldn’t that make barriers even more mandatory? At least an Off Tank gives you the option. Not like anyone’s ever cared about heroes not being used in a meta before… Blizzard can make this happen if they want to. The idea is that it lays the groundwork for a new feel to this game.

That’s what we should all want… for this game to feel fresh again if it’s going to be Overwatch 2.

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I think Jeff said that would be a massive pain to setup, so I dunno if they’re looking to do this anyways.

Why not, is this an expansion or is it a new game?


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You mean in OW2? From my undoubtably incomplete understanding it’s mainly gonna be pve focused, while the pvp will stay with OW1 (and presumably cosmetics from 2 will be released into 1).

Jeff did a large post recently about the different role number options and replied to a commenter about 232 in particular, this is why there’s a ton of role option posts suddenly. If you bring up the list of dev posts in the general forum it’ll appear somewhere near the top.