I have very little faith in OW2

Nobody who says OW is becoming CoD should be taken seriously whatsoever. We have a hamster in a ball mech swinging around the map. We have a flying robot that clones other characters. We have a literal fighting game character.

OW2 is in no danger of becoming just another FPS. That’s not happening. Zero percent chance. It’s beyond absurd to suggest this is even a possibility.

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believe it or not, there are many of us that think the balance is best its ever been.

Since OW2 is all about PvE, it’s likely gonna succeed in what’s meant to do, but PvP is going down hard so far.

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Because they want even tighter teamwork, even less room for error, and even more toxicity as byproduct.

Overwatch 2 may become bigger “friendship breaker” game, than Mario Kart.

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I only see OW2 as PvE and I’m barely playing PvP when it comes out. The PvP changes don’t make a difference to me personally so I’ll just have fun customising heroes in PvE.

Nah, they looked at 7v7 but determined it to be prohibitively expensive.

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You realise that you dont need to be hyped at all because … its FREE content for OW1 users right? Like generally the “hype” is created to boost sales and bring new people to the game.
This has already been done partially. Like they really dont need to create any and even so, the PvE stuff that has been shown on Blizzcon, still got people hyped.

Sure we all remember Cyberpunk was a massive flop and lately many companies have “failed” to live to the hype, but I see no intention whatsoever to create a “bubble of hype” around OW2 to boost sales of the PvE part.

Like not at all.
And like I said, if you just like the PvP, theres ZERO need for that. Its FREE content.

They’re making a lot of changes to the core of Overwatch, so whether it’s free or not is irrelevant so to speak, it’s still a “new game”, and that in my opinion is nothing to get hyped over due to Blizzard being Blizzard.

Yes, it is, unfortunately. Management do not concern themselves with balance - they got stats on which heroes bring most viewers.

The best way I have heard blizzard described, is that they make great games, but they are terrible at maintaining them.

It’s amazing the things people are allowed to say online. There really should be some kind of aptitude test people have to pass to use the internet.

Why on earth do you think “management” cares about which heroes are popular, but game devs don’t care about that? They literally make the heroes, of course they care. No one tells Geoff Goodman how to make heroes, that’s beyond absurd. As a hero designer, he does want to make cool, popular heroes that fit well into the game. Not because he is told to, but because that is literally his job. What else would he do? You think that if they were left alone by “management” (whatever you think that means) that they would make heroes nobody likes? Why?? And how would that be better anyway?

I truly have no idea what you people are even talking about. It’s like a bunch of toddlers trying to decipher what their dad does at work all day. It’s so far off I don’t even know how to start explaining to you.

Like I said already, the use of the word “hype” and “sales” and being “free” is 100% relevant mate. Even if you dont believe that, the fact still remains:
There is ZERO need for hype with OW2 if you only like the PvP part.

If you are talking about the PvE stuff, sure. But then again, the hype needed for that would be like … 50% ? or something compared to the Hype needed/required for a completely new game like Cyberpunk or Biomutant.

Thats all there is :man_shrugging:

You can still be hyped about something even though it’s free you know. People are hyped for events in OW1 already, and they’ve been free as well. Also I used “selling point” in the context of it being aspects of OW2 that gets people exited about the upcoming release. That’s why I said it being free or not is irrelevant. People can still be hyped about it.

They care in different ways. While developers want all heroes to be equally popular, managers want opposite - to have current popular heroes to be everywhere. Different goals, you know.

This is not how OW works. There’s an argument that other games, that release paid heroes, operate this way. OW hasn’t had a new hero in over a year, literally no one besides the actual devs and players care who is popular. It does not affect anything money-related, at all. No one gets richer or poorer based on the hero balance of a 5 year old game where all heroes are free.

I feel like I’m losing my mind over here. I don’t know how anyone gets to this level of being incorrect. It’s actually incredible. If anything, they’d prefer to have the first hero ever developed, Tracer, the face of the game, be the most popular. Literally the opposite of what you’re saying.

You can’t lose what you never had, because it’s exactly how it works. All people, that use Overwatch heroes in ads, merch, etc. do become richer or poorer, depending from currently popular heroes.

Imagine, that I want to make t-shirts with Symmetra. It would be bad idea - she isn’t popular, so my t-shirts would mostly remain at warehouses and I would waste money on making them.

You think game design decisions are made based on ads that feature the heroes? Are you high??

Yes, they are, especially if you got control over developers. Keep being shocked.

When popularity of McCree, for instance, will start to decline, he will be sent to trash can and someone else will emerge as new top. Which will eventually happen, when literally everyone will be fed up with McCree in everything Overwatch-related.

This is simply not how any of this works. I don’t know how else to say it, so I’m done talking here. Continuing this conversation is bad for my mental health. I’m taking psychic damage at an extremely dangerous rate by talking to you.

I want to like your posts, but you’re kinda rude to Cleopatra. Would you mind toning that down so that I can give you some blue hearts? Thank you. :slight_smile: