Why not try the 3-2-2?

I am not very fan of the proposition 3-2-1. I dont have so much fun playing main tank recently so if there is only one tank i think I will playing dps and only dps to have less pressure.

Why Blizzard does not consider a game 7 versus 7 and have a 3 dps / 2 heal / 2 tank?

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Not only would this cause tremendous technical issues (and cause budget pc players to no longer be able to play the game), but it would be an absolute chaotic mess. No thanks. I really like the idea of giving 1-3-2 a shot in the experimental card anyway. I don’t understand why players have their minds made up so much on this when nobody has tried it yet.


I think it’s mostly because the level of balance changes required to make 1- 3 - 2 possible (should it go live) would be putting a lot of faith into Blizzard’s less than reliable Balancing Team.

Not to mention that, seeing as they don’t believe that there’s power creep, the one tank would have to go through hell because of how quickly they’d be mowed down.

The expectation is that most (if not all) tanks would be more “tank-y” to compensate…so they might not necessarily be “mowed” down even with more dps

Like I get that people worry about more dps being on the field…but some tanks already do dps-y damage…the difference might not be all that different

Like take reins shield vs a roadhog right now (as a third “dps”)…I doubt it’s going to be go down much faster if you replace roadhog with an Ashe…


If one doesn’t have any faith in Blizz’s balancing, then tanks are doomed regardless of 132. I mean, currently it’s Reinhardt, Reinhardt, Reinhardt. Might as well go into this with an open mind, imo.

I’d take more stock in Blizz’s actions than their words. Regardless of what they said about power creep, they’ve been lowering healing (Moira’s LMB down to 65 HPS, Bap’s grenades down to 50 HP/shot, Brig’s repairs down to 55 HPS) and damage (Hanzo’s projectile speed and Storm nerfs, Widow’s charge nerf, Orisa’s damage per bullet nerf).

Blizzard also said that they didn’t bring in 222 to break GOATS, but it’s not like anyone seemed to believe them on that front.

Even if all the tank a get buff, there are many tanks who will not have their place anymore in the game (zarya or hog for example). The 3-2-1 should also include major balance patch and rework (maybe more than if we pass to a 3-2-2 format).

7v7 isn’t likely according to Jeff.


why not 16v16 under bridge at de_dust, knives only?

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Such a bad new…

Thanks for this answer!

Cause on paper from a non-DPS player, it’s just not a good idea. At least from a Tank players perspective, as I can’t really speak from a Support player POV.

But… in order for 1 - 3 - 2 to “work” they will need to heavily adjust half of the already limited tank roster, to be able to soak or compete with the current “main” / barrier tanks. Meaning, D.va, Zarya, Wrecking B and Hog all need to now be able to soak 3 DMG dealers worth of DMG just like a barrier now needs to, otherwise they will become completely obsolete.

Not to mention, it’s highly likely… that those who choose a non-barrier tank will proceed to be complained at for throwing / trolling and probably reported because barrier tanks will most likely be superior.

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Yeah everyone should be good and happy as long as hitscan actually kill people instead of sitting in the backline playing torb or even bastion.

I’m a main tank player. I essentially exclusively play tanks. Don’t get me wrong, I am hesitant about how much damage will be slung around, but I like the idea of all the tanks being made into more pure tanks. I like the idea of being THE GUY to protect my team, as opposed to one of two.
I like the idea of DPS players not having to wait forever to find a game. I’m at least willing to try it out and see what happens.
I’m looking forward to the challenge of mastering new “main tanks” too, if it does ever see the light of day, that is (which sounds very far from guaranteed). Agree to disagree, I suppose. I respect your right to your opinion.

Im sorry to say this way but, like i’ve said this plenty of times, this isnt a 7vs7 game.

Can you guys pls stop making hundreds of different topics about the same god damn thing…

I dont know why it could not be the case.

Sorry for you if you have to explain this hundred of times.

Seems like you’re new here & havent seen the thread where Jeff himself explained that they’re not gonna do it.

Problem with that is burst damage heroes, you’d likely be seeing nerfs to one shot heroes because how easy it is to get an angle on a singular tank who has to 100% do his job and his job only when you have 3 dps capable of getting to those spots because there is no offtank to punish peeking or even just block it or mitigate.

If you like one shot heroes, the game being balanced for 1/3/2 is not for you, the obvious first casualty is one shot nerfs, and the equally possible queue times increase while having to look for a tank a few weeks into the game being balanced around 1/3/2 because the tank role just got all of its free time murdered by forcing them to ONLY do their job and fight by proxy, not many people will be willing to do that, even when they have abit more free time, not many people want to do that, you put tank players in that position of being responsible for 100% of the teams soak and it’s just going to end with a bad taste - and everyone below masters will suffer because those tanks who don’t already only do their job (You know what I mean if you’ve ever played solo queue games) will get more value out of doing the job they WON’T DO, and you’re all going to suffer for it.

So probably longer queues even though they only need half the number of tanks
Probably trash matches for anyone below masters in regards to tank players doing even less than they already do in terms of their job.
Aaaand the whole host of changes the game will NEED after such a shift will probably not be very well received by most of the players as the nerfs will target the most popular damage heroes even though they have the least impact on the games overall turnout, soooo… these changes are ill advised.

You speak amazing English don’t be sorry :yum:

If English isn’t your first language don’t strain yourself to be perfect my first language is English and I mess all the time :sweat_smile:

But I think this experiment is an interesting one at best I’ll be trying it out when it comes later today I believe I solo Tanked before this won’t be much different :smile:

Always remember positivity is :key:


Yeeeeah that’s the one, the whole thing is technically challenging and would probably require a remodeling of much more than just balance.

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Yes i read that… but I am a bit disapointed, i dont really wait for ow2 and blizz tribute all ressources of ow1 to ow2.

There are many things to improve or add in ow1. But they are now hidded behind the arguments “too technical” or “all ressource for ow2” to justify their choices.

Anyway, I will test the 321 and decide if I continue playing tank or not.

Less subversion than you think.
If you followed early games who extended the pool of player controlled entities in a game, or even just modded a game that takes x amount of people normally to take more, you can notice the performance hit until a proper compatibility patch is released for it, and the modding community is faster than the actual developers most of the time in addressing issues, and even those patches come like 6-12 months later, something that if it were being developed by a actual team they would have to make sure that compatibility is DAY ONE of their new 7v7 release, and they wouldn’t get it done in a timeframe suitable for the scale of the change.

It is very technically challenging and has a high cost to development time, especially when you note that most of the team is working on overwatch 2 if they committed to this feature - you’d likely not see it until 2022 unless they have already committed to it, which even then late 2021 at least.

Until you experience the hits that come with this specific type of playercount raising, you probably won’t get it.

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