Make 2-3-2 Happen at the Release of Overwatch 2 or Overwatch will die

Open queue is in arcade right now. Go play it.


Then they should make tanks/supports more enjoyable so that more people are interested in playing them cause most people don’t like playing those roles apparently, as well as make more of them in general

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‘Overwatch will die because of the following stuff’

  • Lawbreakers
  • Paladins
  • Apex Legends
  • Valorant
  • 2-2-2
  • Sigma
  • Being stabbed
  • Chocolate ice cream

Yes I’m sure just simply adding another dps will magically make all the balance problems go away…

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Iirc they said they can’t do this because all the maps are designed with 12 players in mind and the game engine and servers also support only 12 players playing on it at a given time so it’s not possible from both design perspective and technical perspective

Remember when people thought Valorant was going to destroy Overwatch? Actual sad if people thought that was the case. Sure Valorant did attract people but in my opinion, the only true boss in this game’s decline is the devs with their slow balance changes and recycled events. Only now that the devs are doing aggressive balance changes but if they’re doing this now with Ow2 in development, where were they in the first 3-4 years?

Also I agree with your opinion on just do open queue if you hate 2-2-2. No way Jeff is adding 2-3-2 mode.


Overwatch will die not because of something else. It will die because of Overwatch. Overwatch will kill Overwatch.


1-3-2 is perfect, 2-3-2 would make 2cp way worse then it already is lol

you forgot spongebob

Why do people act like 232 won’t have issues of its own?

They can magically fix DPS queue times by making tank and support more enjoyable to play, but then people would inevitably complain about tanks and supports existing. It’s one or the other, you can’t have both in the end

DPS queue times being longer than other roles isn’t just an Overwatch thing. It’s something that any game with a rolequeue has. It can’t really be helped.

Sorry but that game will die sooner than OW. They even stretched update from 2 months to 3 months. + Server issues, bugs etc.

Or you can just tough through the queue times like everyone else? And grind deathmatch while you’re at it

OW2 will come out with a bunch of new heroes so hopefully more people will try tank and healer if these new heroes are fun.

Unlikely as it is that they’d be willing to put the resources in, that it outright can’t be done is a false statement.

They said it was technically possible, just the cost would be very high.


Oh… PvP Overwatch died the day the OWL became the focus of the game. Now it’s slowly rotting away

Game is optimized and balanced around 6v6 or 12 players. Not 14. It’s not as easy as you think it is.