7 on each team: Go 2-3-2

Right now 1-3-2 is being discussed, and in that regard the off-tank role will be destroyed. I don’t like the idea of getting rid of the off-tanks. They are usually the most fun of the tanks to play, and are a great support for the main tank. I predict an abysmal time for a single main tank.

Instead I propose going for 2-3-2 - simply take the current setup, but add an extra DPS.

The game already puts heavy importance on a single character and at higher levels, a fight is often lost if a single hero dies. With 7 heroes instead of 6, each hero will carry less weight, meaning it will be easier to make a comeback after losing an ally. It also means there are more targets, and of course also more CC, more ults etc.

To balance it out, there may have to be changes to the maps. Maybe more space needs to be available, maybe more flanking routes etc.
Another thing one could do to adapt to this situation, is to reduce the amount of especially CC. Maybe CC abilities could be on a slightly longer cooldown (maybe 10% longer on average). Also ultimates could be both toned down and made rarer by making them take longer to earn.
This would have the overall effect of desaturating the game of effects to “make room” for the extra hero on each side.

IMO instead of getting rid of the off-tank role, it would be way better to explore a 7-team setup.

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There’s been lots of posts about this (I even made one) and from what I gather is that their current engine simply could not handle 14 players in a game. Like, they tried, and it crashed.

However, with the new OW2 engine, they might do just that. So there’s a light of hope.

That’s hard to believe. Doesn’t Deathmatch have more players than that? I believe there is up to 20?
I am sure they could fix that problem if it exists.

What I read is that they tested more players on each side back in the days, but it got too confusing, with too much going on, too many effects saturating the battlefield etc. That is why I proposed some remedies in that regard.

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I’d probably rather see variable role-queue, so when the DPS queue gets long you do a couple 1/3/2s or 2/3/1s. But as tank I’d want a teammate with another tank and as a DPS I’d want as few Enemy DPS as possible. Solo healing i don’t mind though.

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They want to keep crossplay between OW2 and OW1. So if OW1 cant handle it, it wont come to OW2

Again. Ow1 as is will not exist once ow2 comes out. We will all be transferred to ow2 but if you don’t buy it you will miss certain features ( skins pve , and whatever else )

I don’t buy it. They have said before that they tested with more than 6 on each team back in beta.
This is a technical issue, and I don’t believe it is a big one. 14 concurrent users is really considered a small amount in modern video games, and Im sure with a little effort it would be technically possible.

I would like to discuss gameplay design, not technical issues that IMO are not there.

Then it could potentially work. Lets hope for the best.

Yes but I doubt they will go this route. Game might be too chaotic cuz in the end maps are the same.

I mean we can speculate if they are or are not, official word is they are there, so it seems like even if, they aren’t going to do 7v7 for some other reason. I’d probably focus on trying to get the best version of 6v6.

IMO 1-3-2 is just a bad idea.
If 6 is really the limit, IMO they should just make everything free again like in the old days, and then balance their way out of it, so GOATS don’t become meta again.

Alternatively, there could be a forced 1-1-1 and the last three roles could be free, meaning if you are the only healer and you want to swap, you can only select from the healers. Only if there is at least two healers will you be able to swap role. Same with tanks and DPS.
that way GOATS will not rise again.

And stop making ridicilous heroes like Brigitte and Sigma that will destroy the balance of the game.

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It’s a fun idea to entertain. I think it would open up so much new team comps and strategy’s. And we might even be able to buff some tanks & supports to compensate for the extra damage they would have to fight against. Which might be good for the game too.

I don’t think it would even be necessary to change balance so much. Both teams will have an extra DPS, so it will even out in that regard.
But ya, time would tell.

7v7 and above works fine in custom games with no issues. It’s definitely doable.
As far as consoles, maybe not but who cares tbh. The PC is the template and at least should be tried there.

I simply can’t understand what the problem would be, as it is already possible.

Also seeing how many bots they are able to add in the PvE modes, it sounds incredible that the engine shouldn’t be able to handle it.

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You seriously don’t understand it yet? OW2 and OW1 are the same game… only the PVE will be paid while we current OW owners get OW2 pvp for free.

Jeff says there’s technical problems with increasing the team size to 7.