3-2-1 vs 7v7 (2-3-2)

I feel like making 3-2-1 is just too much grief. If they don’t make main tanks into beasts, only like Orisa and Hammond would be played and it would be rough. All the off tanks would need to be worked in some form. If it’s done right, well the game will just feel awful for tank players and might even fill awful for team mates to that tank as if they go Rein, well Rein is just going to get walked on. It just adds a lot of problems and changes. I’m going to be honest, I don’t really trust the Devs to make it right because of how inconsistent they are.

What I suggest and a few other people I’ve seen think 7v7 would be a way to lower queue times for DPS players while also requiring less reworks/balance changes. 2-3-2 I think would be much healthier for the game and the player base. The concern would really be fights lasting too long due to 2 extra players, but since they would be in the DPS category there would be more damage in the game and they would be squishy heroes. Another plus is it would still have that more FPS feel the Devs are referring to because again, it would be more DPS.

What do you guys think ?

For what it’s worth the devs have commented on 2/3/2 and have pretty much indirectly said it’s not going to happen.

The cost on their end would be phenomenal- because for them it’d involve more than just ticking a value, and would require a lot of optimization changes.

And the other thing is that it’s not just that the DPS line is too long.

A huge problem is the tank line is too short.

The game has a hard time finding 2 tanks to put into a match in the first place.

Adding one more dps will help lines to a degree- but you’d still be waiting to find 2 tanks.

Jeff doesn’t think it will happen with 7v7

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He said they can do it, but it would come at a high cost.
If it ends up being the best solution for the game, they might consider it.