[EXPERIMENTAL] 1-3-2 suggestions

In my opinion 1-3-2 and possibly other combinations could be good additions to the game. Maybe as a lock rotation for like Season X having 222 then Season Y having 132 to make them different. 1-3-2 isnt that bad but there isnt enough balance changes for it yet. Maybe with other new changes it could be better than currently.


Take a breather intead of drinking is being smashed to the ground creating a static ground area where teammates are healed and damage reduced while enemies are taking damage.

Wrecking Ball:

Adaptive Shields replaced with Adaptive Barrier: Bubble shaped barrier around him with the same amount of HP as the shields would give.


Right click releases a ball of energy with lingering shock damage (Shock damage would be the same as fire damage from dynamite) Piercing players but if it hits a barrier or wall, explodes.

Put Mei to tank category with small tweaks and Doomfist and Bastion with a rework.

I just think they should try 2-3-2 next.

I would like 1-3-2 more, but how do you change all the off tanks?

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I think it would be a great option as well so tanks dont have to rely only on themselves. But the servers have to be good enough to host 7v7 matches though.

They’ve said it would be “expensive” to make it 7v7, so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon.

122, on the other hand, doesn’t have that particular issue…

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Hmmm… that’s interesting. Does it really make such a difference for the servers?

I can only think about OWL that they have to get one more player, but I don’t think any of the teams has less than 7 anyways.


Zaria works pretty good with her bubbles.
Hog could create a real smoke cloud, like a smoke grenade, that enemies can’t see through but your teammates can - keep the current exp. buffs.
And Hammond could create a burning path when he’s in his “full speed” state that would “burn bullets” that go through - damage mitigation or absorption?
Don’t really have a good idea for D.Va… Maybe some kind of bullet travel projection, so she could see who’s focused? I mean she’s the no. 1 peeling tank. (Btw. is it peel or peal?)

Enemies could get fire damage tho.

Maybe give fire rate boost depending on the damage blocked by DM?

Here’s the quote straight from the horse’s mouth:

Oh, and it’s “peel”, yes. :slight_smile:

I don’t like giving roles abilities not focused around their role.
But I like the idea of rewarding for using the DM right.

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