Blizzard save your game! go 1/3/2

Go 1/3/2 role queue!

  1. It will fix your dps wait times!

  2. People want to play dps so allow an additional slot and put more power into dps.
    My fav time playing overwatch is when we got 1/3/2 vs 1/3/2.
    more offense heroes are viable and Pharah is actually playable.

  3. You will have a clear definition of what a tank needs to do in your game.
    you won’t have to worry if it’s a main or off-tank.

  4. the dynamic of 1/3/2 is more exciting, fights are faster… it’s why people want dive! Shields suck, standing at chokes sucks! people want to move!

I don’t expect this for Overwatch 1… but please consider it for Overwatch 2.


As a personal observation, a single tank often becomes the focus of attention in every team fight making the player who plays the role having a more difficult time to push the front line forward. In general it also makes team fights far more chaotic and create more snowballs.


I don’t see how this benefits tanks or support roles.




In triple DPS, one of the DPS is generally either the Opener or the Guardian.
You can play with a Single support and 2 tanks or vice versa. That DPS being something like Mei or Sombra or even Reaper … good luck getting “in” to kill that solo tank/support.

With 3 DPS focusing the same target, you will explode before doing anything.


This tank and support main would leave the game, as I had before role queue.

Not for the 1 they aren’t.


HELL no.
I still have nightmares before 2-2-2 Role Q. Role Q is not perfect, but I do not want to go back. I even tried “Classic” Quickplay, and the whole thing was a crap show.


It will actually make them worse, because no one will want to solo tank.


yo dps, you aint the only one here… pick other roles when you queue up!


I know what would fix the game…


Make it happen blizz.


No thank you. 222 is perfect imo

Dont change the whole core gameplay of a single role just to cater to entitled dps players when in the current system all 3 roles are equally enjoyable and effective in their own rights.

The way to save the game is to simply balance it better and more often.


Can you imagine a double team match?

You would need it to be CTF or something just so it didn’t devolve into an incomprehensible Tiny Overwatch cluster.

Gotta be honest Id rather die than face hanzo-widow-doom smurf pros every match ever


Why would I ever bother playing QP again with that? I’d just go back to VS AI.


I’ve posted about this subject before.

I’m a fan of the concept, but not sure if the OW Team could properly rebalance the game fast enough for this type of change to be welcomed by the general community. They took nearly 6 months to get us to where we’re at now with 2/2/2 - which I don’t know anyone who suggested the idea would be good to implement without some type of balancing changes to go with it.

RQ is doing okay right now and is looking to get better with the next patch.

The game balance would need to be drastically altered in favor of Tanks to permit 1/3/2 to work with the added focus of Damage sources. I’ve seen fire-lanes that can instantly melt a Sigma from full shield to K.O. (Baptiste, genji, soldier, sigma, Roadhog, Moira combo on King’s Row) So combos that permit those damage lanes would need to be mitigated by a damage nerf or some type of survivability buff across the board for the Tank Role.

Maybe if the Devs made Tanks overpowered - more people might stop calling it a garbage role or a chore and actually want to play it.


How to completely kill off the off-tanks and make shield tanks mandatory: force single tank groups.

So glad that never happened and we got proper 2-2-2 instead. It is be no means ideal (1-1-1-1-1-1, or Main tank/Off-tank/Main DPS/Utility DPS/Main Healer/Off-healer, would ensure better representation), but it works best for balance on both sides.

I’m so glad we have at least the current Role Queue. I used to hate how some of my opponents would play cheesy 5-6 DPS comps and force my groups of 2-2-2 and 3-3 into either playing 1) extremely coordinated (voice coordination where everyone dives the same target at once) or 2) go all DPS ourselves, or otherwise end up losing. This is because it can be downright impossible to take on the damage and CC of DPS. It wasn’t fair that one side playing uncoordinated could beat out a balanced, semi-coordinated team of 2-2-2 (often even coordinating our attacks and ultimate abilities properly) just because they were playing all flankers and snipers and would widely spread out, and surround my team and win by picking us off from every direction. Playing 5-6 DPS vs 5-6 DPS just feels like team deathmatch rather than Overwatch. I cringe every time I’m pulled into a QPC game, because they regularly devolve into these kinds of games, even if both sides start out playing more balanced 2-2-2 comps.


it makes dps ques 3x faster,

so we should not be left praying we dont get 2 dps offtanks in disguise.

And with 3 dps its more chaotic, so even if your 1 tank is troll there is less chance 3 dps players will also be trolls. so you have less instant losses cz of wrong tank choice

Shields were nerfed and armor buffed… which promotes movement :clap:t4::wink:

If you’re still planted in chokes, that’s on you, riiight? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You’d basically kill off every off tank with this idea.


It’s a very good idea if you want the remaining Tanks players to quit.