Should they try 7v7?

Would be nice.

Not to mention that it would just be a really bad idea. Balance would be a nightmare to readjust.

Personally, I think best way to address it is to give more rewarding feedback to tanks and healers. The medal system (which is bad anyway) tends to provide that ‘I am doing great’ feeling to dps. The PotG does the same, there is that reward feedback that you get for massive kills. And it tends to favor dps. Additionally, little things like the kill feed showing you makes the dps feel like the accomplished something. They need to work some of that feedback into the other roles. Maybe something flashing in the feed saying ‘saved’ or the like. Maybe just a flash on the screen when someone survives because you did something. You would be surprised how those kind of little feedbacks feel good. And that good feeling translates to more enjoyment. If you can get more of that in the tank and healers play you would see more tanks and healers.

Technical issues say it won’t happen. Overwatch is heavily optimized for 6v6.
Not my words , but the words of Blizzard.

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I could see people still not queue for tank.

I mean 50% is DPS… because 50% of the characters… are … DPS… this is not a hard problem to figure out what needs to be done…

Rebalance and make Mei, Doom and Bastion tanks…

Rebalance or rework Sym and Sombra into Supports…

At least the first three make perfect sense…

I like the long queue times, gives me time to go pee pee or poopoo or doodoo

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I’m bookmarking the comment at this point.

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I don’t disagree that we need more tanks. However, I don’t think a good answer is to turn dps into tanks.

This would require a really significant rework on each of those. It is not as simple as just lowing damage and increasing health. They have to be able to do the job of protecting your team. And reworking the classes will inevitably disappoint people who are currently playing them. Given the work and questionable results, it doesn’t actually make sense to do it. If you want more tanks, make new tanks.

You would have to completely overhaul them. They would need to be essentially a new hero. Why not just make a new hero and keep them as is?

Those three make perfect sense… and deep down, you know this is true in your heart…

And yes, it would be a rework/re-balance, no question. Mei not too bad, Doom and Bastion more-so. Sym Sombra, yep pretty much but their themes lend themselves to it more.

I was thinking if they have a 2-3-1 and add a support bot to test out first before investment.

They said no to this. End of thread.

No, I really don’t think that is true.

A significant overhaul for each of them (yes, even Mei). So, lets think about this. You basically have to create 3 new heroes. In the process you remove 3 heroes that lots of people like to play (well, maybe 2…not sure how many people are attached to Bastion. :wink: ) Sure, you get 3 new tanks. But you also disappoint a lot of players. And making them tanks doesn’t mean everyone who plays them will switch. Tanking is a different mindset. (And I am not sure I want those Doom 1 tricks tanking anyway.)

A better option is to keep the heroes we have and make new tanks and healers.

Confused here. How does Sombra’s theme lend itself to support? You would have to change her entire kit and switch to a completely different playstyle. And nothing in her story from a lore point of view even hints healer. So, change the story, change the playstyle, change the kit. Yah, that is just make a new hero. And Sym would have to change a lot. The reworks she had were because Blizzard realized her kit/playstyle did not lend itself to support.

We end up back to: Make new heroes rather than try to force that square peg into the round hole.

I’m sure it’s already been stated, but Jeff said it’d be too expensive to do 7v7… especially for just an experimental mode. The game is optimized and coded and designed around 6v6.

Only reason we got to try 1-3-2 was because they already had it setup for their in-house tests long before allowing us to try it.

It’s more likely we’d see 5v5. But 7v7… that is a pipe dream.

I don’t know I feel as though 7v7 will cause massive performance issues for the servers. They said it themselves that they weren’t going to do it because the game was built upon the default 6v6.

I suppose Overwatch 2 could look into it although they pretty much run on the same engine and will be playing together

Okay, I don’t really care if you agree or not, its a discussion point. They need to do both convert these in the opinion of many, and make new ones. But given how long it takes, a conversion is what many people favor.

Of the DPS most often quoted and reasonable for tanks conversion meme, Bastion, Doom and Mei are the ones every one references. You might not like the idea, I and others do. Its however, highly unlikely Blizz would ever go that route.

Sombra has been referenced because she could theoretically “hack” her teammates for a HOT or instant heal… in addition to hacking the enemy team but lose something else. Sorry you haven’t heard this discussed its a common meme.

I believe it would be good. But they can’t even consider redoing stuff for that until OW2 is out.

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I don’t care how many people think it is a good idea, its not. You are talking about all the development time to create new heroes, only slapping old names and models on them. There is literally no reason to do that. Basically, you are just asking for new heroes and ones you don’t like to be deleted. It just doesn’t serve a purpose.

You know how memes work, right? People jump on bandwagons. Doesn’t make it a good idea.

See, this is the crux of your argument. ‘I want it, so it is good.’ There is a reason I provide the reasoning for why it is not a good idea.

Again, being a meme does not make something a good idea. That is a purely wild idea that makes no sense. Again, probably someone jumping on the 'lets change characters to tanks/healers bandwagon and trying to come up with an original idea. I have seen suggestions for just about every hero to become a tank/healer.

Honestly, I believe it boils down to the next thing to deletion hopes. People don’t like dealing with a character and they know deletion is not an option. So, they think, well if we change them to something else it is not deletion, but I wont have to deal with them anymore.

In the end, it is simple math. You have all the work of making a new character, but you are losing an existing one. So, not a big advantage there. Most everyone is happy when a new character is added. But, most of those that play those character regularly would be unhappy with losing their hero. And, those that aren’t are not going to get all that excited about the “new tank/healer” since it is just an old character, certainly not as excited as they would be with just a new character. So, you end up doing the all work for a less happy player base. In other words, bad idea.

no because thats an odd number

I don’t think 7v7 is worth the resources, honestly. Especially with having to rebalance heroes AND maps.

The Best Support Otter


Doomfist could be a tank with almost entirely numbers tweaks, like Hammond or Winston. Decrease damage, increase health and maybe shields, and you have someone that can dive the backline and threaten to kill someone with a powerful combo that leaves them at low health but doesn’t always kill. Not exactly an entirely different hero.

Mei would probably need hard freeze removed on her primary weapon, but other than that it’s mostly just extra health, a bit less damage, etc.

Bastion is the most difficult, but giving him some sort of barrier and more drastic damage drop-off with a fuller rework would allow him to force people to respect the sightlines or come up with a counter.

No, they shouldnt.
And it wont happen. Period.

Stop suggesting what others have suggested more than 100+ times already…
It’s getting tiring to see the same topic over and over again.