Make 2-3-2 role

If there be only 1 tank for each team, then we may miss a lot of fun and depth of tactical & strategical matters of playing OW.

I once claimed that there must be 0-6-0 if the queue time for DPS is only issue.

but separation for game’s role is bad. that might be that bad.

So how about open a slot for another DPS player.

Let there be 7 players for a team.

Like BTS.


not possible , keep up with jeffs posts, its not hard


I think a concept like this would be interesting, but if I remember correctly the devs said somewhere that the engine has trouble running past 12 players per lobby, so 14 players might be impossible for a bit, since OW1 just isn’t built for it.

Yeah, lets add nothing but in next patch is only heroes you can play are DPS. Everyone loves 3snipers and insta kills and no heals or barriers…

We all love playing against hanzo and widow that just intas pick you out as soon as you leave spawn or get into fight at point.

It honestly at this stage would be the best option, and in fact might breathe a breath of fresh life into the feel of the game, but sadly the engine can’t handle it. They could barely do BOB from what they said, so 7 vs 7 is out of the question right now.

Not going to happen.

Stop asking the same thing which others have already spammed over 200+ times…

They already have said no to this.

Good thing OW2 is a completely brand new game and not an expansion.

Though I think it’s gonna use the same engine, that’s just a hunch.

Jeff came out and said there will never be 7 people on one team.

I can confirm that they’re using a similar engine, but the game’s single player/co-op mode is built using a heavily modified quasi-new engine.

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I’m glad they’re keeping the same multiplayer limits.

Upgraded, but probably not enough to allow for more than 6v6.

I think one of the primary upgrades will be to reducing the load on the game for AI-controlled entities, which means a greater number of more dynamic bots on-screen, but given Jeff’s comments when he discussed 1-3-2 originally it sounds like the changes that would be needed for the game to support 7v7 would be well above-and-beyond even effort for the upgraded AI in terms of money and time, all for a gamble that would require fundamental restructuring of much of the game, from maps to abilities, and still might not pay off.

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They are probably having more trouble with client/server server-side calculations, than anything based on the client itself. They would probably be facing a serious set of challenges and a refitting of the auto-matchmaking service.

They might end up needing less servers, but a much higher monthly data usage cost.

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