DPS times not mentioned

I was hoping console might get crossplay :frowning: . Would definitely help dps times

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That simply isn’t true. Making more slots for the most popular spot is very simple. They could even test 2-3-2 and get rid of 6v6 and go to 7v7.

They need a greater supply of the most popular slot. Supply and demand. Lots of demand with very little supply.

Why do people think that Blizzard has a way to reduce Queue times for DPS other than just making the other roles more appealing?

Like I don’t understand how people can come up with that.

Overwatch Patch Notes:
“Reduced DPS Queue times!”
We hate waiting for a game to instalock Widow, die to full dive 5 times in the first 3 minutes and flaming your tank for not shielding you as much as you guys do, so we reduced queue times for ya.

Like wtf.

A 132 structure wouldn’t be good for the game, the game was not built with only having one of any class in mind

Furthermore, having the solo be the tank or support category creates huge imbalances in those categories, while the solo being dps obviously is the worst option

It’s just not a good idea for the main modes

It’s been said before that adding numbers of player slots isn’t viable, as maps would need resizing, and the game couldn’t handle it.

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Are we playing the same game here?

Then they should do it for Overwatch 2. If they want this game to have a bright future, they should prepare to make more room for the most popular slot BY FAR.

You simply cant have a serious competitve and popuar game with the following Q times (for my rank)

-Tank 15 to 30 seconds
-DPS 7 to 10 minutes
-Support 2 minutes

So the math clearly shows that DPS is 32x more popular than tank. Yet we have a game that distributes this equally. Ok fine this will never be perfect, but come on lets make some sort of long term fix for this if they want this game to survive.

Tanking is incredibly unpopular.

2-3-2 would be the best solution but they can’t even consider that possibility until after OW2 is out because of all the technical stuff and the dedication required from many developers reworking systems.

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There are also more DPS heroes than the other two classes put together. Therefore, by default there will be more DPS mains than the other two simply because there are more variables.

Question for OP

  1. Are you in one of those who support Role Quere? If Yes, Did you ever read “Caution” that dev mention all of you before the “Role Queue” Live

  2. If you are role queue supporter, Why are you arguing about it now? And why do you think less Tank is the “only way” to make it happen? Do not mention anybody use your own opinion.

  3. Do you ever know how many DPS population who trying to click on each role, in every minute?

Deal with it DPS, you ask for it in the first place and you should not blame to anyone even dev is not at fault here but yourself.

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Yes there are. But DPS and even supports are WAY more fun. People don’t want to hold a sheild while everyone else has fun.

Fun is subjective. And I can prove that by telling you I love playing Reinhardt.

Sigma is the most fun Hero right now imo.

I love playing as Rein and Road is a blast to get clutch hooks with

Zarya is really satisfying when you predict the other team and clutch save your teammate

Just because something isn’t fun to you doesn’t make it objectively not fun.


Answering your questions.,…

  1. I was (and still kinda am) a huge fan of role queue. I love the idea of hitting the comp button and knowing my role ahead of time without the awkward social interation.

  2. I had little understanding how unpopular tanking was, even compared to playing support.

  3. DPS players should “blame themselves” for playing the most fun role? Why would i do that?

Historically i have played dps and support roughly the same. Just for reference. Lately i’ve been playing some tank more just to try it. That’s when i realized that i could get into a game in 15 seconds. Thats a far cry from 8 to 10 minutes.

Right now i’d rathar play a game other than Overwatch rather than tank.

and being constantly nerfed

So why then, do you think Blizzard keeps nerfing tanks?

  1. You didn’t answer me yet on: that you ever read “Caution” that dev trying to not use role queue system.
    — My first Question are ask you to answer Yes or No. and That’s it.

In your own answer, Your are only generic DPS perspective in every Shooter game. Damaging is the most fun thing to do in every game genre not just OW. But OW is “Team Competitive” game but not just “Generic” FPS Shooter.

We play this game because it not just a pew pew game. If you just want to shoot thing, CoD MW is more suitable, more balance than this game trying to offer.

Seriously, just 8-10 mins wait is far better from 15-35mins wait long like some of my friends has to suffer. If you still dont understand why Tank is the last role that player want to play it. It’s not just unpopular like you understand.

You should play more and learn it, suffer like them (and me) Someday I hope (just hope) you will see that Why Tank role is nobody want to play in this fking game.

Play tank and suffer? Seriously that’s your solution? Sounds like a fun game Overwatch has become!

With less tanks to pick from on competitive, you should be looking at longer waiting times.

Because we can’t find games fast enough.

Blizzard literally warned everyone in the community that their is consequences to role queue but of course it’s gone unnoticed because everyone takes the big news before acknowledging the punishments. It’s why these threads still exist sadly

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