Don't hate on triple dps

I’d love to try that! It would be interesting however there are still technical limitations I think.

yes I have, it’s called pre role q (or qp classic) and I hated it, thanks


Damage players will have no excuse as to why they can’t kill things but I think they will blame tanks for being too OP and still say healing is too high.


You haven’t tried the balance changes that come with it though. It likely won’t work but I’m just saying be open to trying it out and maybe you MAY enjoy it.

wont work, for that one tank… rest might be fine, but all the pressure is on that one tank, i for one like to be the solo tank in games, where i carry, and if i die everyone follows…
but if they dont buff all tanks significantly , tank will just be a dead weight , healers already dont have enough healing to heal properly, and that one tank will always be first and main target


A quote from Jeff, just in case you missed it.


I hated playing solo tank before 222, no amount of buffs will make me like being a solo tank, so no, I do know I won’t like this


Not hating on anybody.
You think DPS queues are long with 2-2-2 just wait to see how long they can get when there are no tanks and finding one is a miracle.


no, it wont work for me, as the way i enjoy playing the game dies

ah, thats the kind of player you are

everything you say has just lost all credibility


I’m gonna try it to test the changes to Hog.

But as a solution to Dps queue times?

:thinking:… Who cares about that? Brought it on themselves. :hugs:

LMAO It’s not gonna work because DPS mains are just going to get everything nerfed even when they have an extra damage player.


They could end the bs and deleting tanks and supports too, but eh.

oh, thank you 4 that insight.

I hate it without trying because I know 1/2 of my favorite heroes (off tanks) won’t even be playable if this is implemented.

There is more to it but that is the biggest thing.

Imagine a freaking solo tank Roadhog and wonder why I’m pessimistic about this idea without even testing it.

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If they rebalance tank very beefy and susceptible to CC for that composition, I think the hardcore tank may enjoy it. The one that likes to dabble in Tank RQ once in a while may feel differently due to the amount of pressure they receive solo tanking.

See, that is not true. Pre RQ most matches were 132 or 141 or even worse.

Personally I am open to testing it, however I already know it’s not going to happen, it took them a year of development to work on 222 which required an entire rewrite of the matchmaking algorithm and they are working on OW2 right now, 132 is simply not going to happen, this is just a fun experiment.

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its not like it isnt true lmao

idk, i think it may actually happen with the drought of tanks.

Still RQ so it is the same but with extra sidesteps. To clarify, still garbage.