1-3-2 - stop - negative opinion -stop- 2-3-2 instead? over

Ideally Id like the game to keep 2-2-2. 1-3-2 comps make the game messier and dont reward team play as much as the synergy between tanks gets removed. That takes out the fun for every tank player who doesnt play the role for his ego. It removes a vital aspect of its strategic nature and furthermore ruins the esports team coordinated core of the game. The main reason why Im drawn to overwatch is exactly because of that team oriented gameplay. Yes we’d like the dps to have bigger presence but not in this way I think. If you have had to add another dps queue(bc to be fair the q-times do suck) Id rather just have Overwatch become a 7v7 game and it will be a 2-3-2.


How does forcing a team to work around one tank reduce team play? I am not seeing the logic here…


With one tank theres no coordination like among multiple tanks (as we have right now)…

Um… No. The number of tanks has nothing to do with whether or not humans coordinate in your matches. I am not seeing it in 222 even half the time. I am sure 321 will not be perfect either but the fact of the matter is it forces the team to be aware of their tank. In fact, this is the MAIN problem from the development tests.


all Im saying is that Im pretty happy with 222 and would alternatively prefer 2-3-2 way more than 1-3-2

Jeff already addressed the idea of 7v7:

I think many of us favor the notion of 7v7 but it doesn’t look at all likely.

fair enough. but maybe if we say please theyll do it :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

2 3 2 is unrealistic and won’t happen 1 3 2 will at least undo a good amount of the harm that 2 2 2 did to the game.

Oh yeah, I’m all for showing support for it anyway since you never know. Just atm seems like the resources it would take are more than their willing/able to put in.