1-3-2 Excites me for balancing purposes

I love the idea of them not being afraid of putting power into a tank character.

I hear a lot of people worried about how nightmarish a solo tanks life would be. But having this game balanced around 1 tank allows so many balancing options!

Tanks could be balanced to be more threatening because there’s just 1 of them. Healers could focus on healing other people way more, and focus on making different plays. I’m all for testing it on the PTR.


I believe it would result in the opposite reaction. One tank wouldn’t be much of threat. Tanks would probably turn into first-target priority.

I hope they test more things on it than just role lock (I.E. Hero balances)

I meant to be rebalanced to be more threatening. You could pump a lot more of stats into tank heroes in general.

I DONT want them to change my boy Hog. He’s my favorite Tank and I would legitimately stop playing him if he was change to a DPS. It would be almost as bad if they were to take away his damage and give him damage mitigation.

I mean, if I get super Reinhardt to play with, it might not be too bad

too bad the PTR is never used for interesting ideas but instead is just beta preview of the patch to come.

I would much much much rather 2-3-2, or just staying 2-2-2. But if 1-3-2, went through and they changed off tanks (Favorite Tanks) drastically, then I would legit stop playing Tank.

Unfortunately, that will most likely never happen according to Jeff

Roadhog: his mere presence shields others; 33% of damage taken by anyone on his team is absorbed by Roadhog, as long as Roadhog is within a certain range. In turn he now also heals more (600 per TaB) and faster (every 6 seconds, instead of 8), but gains less ult charge for self heals. Maybe also give him permanent self-heal.

Zarya: Gains multiple projected barriers (up to 3?) that recharge quite fast (4 seconds each?). But in turn they give less energy for her gun (max of 15 per bubble?)

Dva: No longer has critbox. Defense Matrix gets its 15m range back, no cooldown between uses, and now lasts up to 4 seconds, and recharges faster based on how much damage it absorbed.

Tadah, now the off-tanks are main tanks.

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It’s been a long time coming. From the moment roles were locked Hog was gonna be changed or swapped to dps.

I can tell all the 132 threads are not made by Tank players, if you played tank before role que you would understand that if 132 happened the already small pool of tank players will drop drasticly, solo tank is a complete nightmare and not any fun at all cause you are trying to do the job of 2 players the whole match

Just sounds like you tanks aren’t ready to have some responsibility other than just feeding more ult charge.

Whats with the jerk attitude, i didnt attack you or DPS no need to be a jerk

That’s just the facts, tanks have gotten complacent and do nothing