The idiotic idea that is 3-2-1

3-2-1 is the best idea. Jeff is taking the game in the right direction.

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it shouldnt change from 222, but may be a flex role?

i think its possible that playerbase has been split up between all these different games modes, if Rank isn’t fun to Tank players or they may have gotten their gold weapons for Tanks they enjoy after 20 seasons… just a theory, may be they have more fun in QP? because they can play what they want?

Possibly if there was something new to get with Comp points? they would play Rank again?

They should have made the game 2,2,4 from the start. Now it’s probably too late and costly to make the game 8 vs 8.

We really haven’t gotten anything new to spend Comp points on to make your character stand out. I wonder if it’s time introduce something new besides Gold Weapon? that is only tied to roles you choose to play?

1-3-2 would just force tanks to be Orisa mains, it would be the worst experience for every tank. Also, imagine being bullied by Mei, Reaper and Doom as a solo tank.

Maybe if they removed more CC some tank players would come back.

It’s unfortunate but there it is.

Or just 411… Which it basically was.

The real misstep was catering to 222 clowns. That was never feasible. At least not without the balance and content to justify it.

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222 has made the game way more balanced, and at least enjoyable for Supports, some dps mains, and tank mains who wanted a partner.

I think if there was to be a flex role that would be decided by Tank Role only, like a Tank who can choose to be DPS ingame.

I highly doubt we will ever get 4-1-1

And I am glad that 321 will do exactly the same… Minus the tank partner Thang.

Tank Partner is the problem for some Tanks.

Rein Zarya, Orisa Sigma, etc.

These tanks like Supports work together to get the job done.
I think what ever Tank Meta, has to improve these Partners or make every Tank Viable for any Meta.

And hopefully they will not need a partner when all is said and done. Either that, or it forces the team to help enable the tank. The way it should be.

the problem DPS players are having is Que times, it’s really difficult for matchmaking to find these players a balanced game, because it takes so long.

Only way to speed up process is matching players through broader pools.
At same time, this issue will cause problems as balancing matches.

It’s one or the other, either find players faster or make matches unbalanced.

What hurts is, players will be upset and blame the lower SR player for losing points… potentially problem might be how SR gain is done? in order to speed up the process?

Everyone wants Faster SR gain via Faster Matches, but no one wants to get steam rolled.

Clint: “Don’t do that. Don’t give me hope.”

Also hamster buff time? cmoooon.

As flex player, not having two tanks was never an issue for me. Fatigue with battles lasting forever was the problem.

Let me rectify, 4 times smaller than Moira’s.

That will not work for the same reason that 1,2,2 won’t work. As Jeff pointed out, dps players would heavily target the supports, which if not buffed would quickly result in a exodus of support players. A solo tank would have the same problem. Both tanks and supports would require buffing to survive in a 1,1,4 setting.

Finally, both off tanks and supports would be required to be main tanks or supports. For off tanks it’s more complicated as Jeff pointed out. Either reassigned to the damage roster or made into a main tank.

OW developers are between a rock and a hard place. No matter what choice they make. It’s a losing preposition. All of this could have been avoided had they design the game from the beginning with dps in mind as the most popular position. It’s not like Blizzard didn’t have any prior experience. In wow, the same problem exist. Actually, the problem exist in every game that has the trinity design of tank, healer, and dps.

On paper 2,2,2 is a good design, but in practice it’s not very good due to the high queue times for dps. It’s the first thing that I though when I first read about OW. A 2,2,4 would have sold their dps queue times.

A 2,2,4 would require tanks and supports to be stronger than on live currently. That would undoubtedly take away from the dps spotlight in OWL. Can you imagine a single dps not being able to kill a support or tank in 1 vs 1. Killing a support or tank would require more team work than on alive if the supports and tanks were buffed.


Agreed, solo-tanking as an off-tank is useless but as a main tank it’s only a matter of your dps helping you pressuring the enemy team. Once again, it’s never been viable because more tanks in your team has always been more viable. But if both teams are limited to one main tank I don’t see what’s the issue.

Support gets a friend. DPS gets 2 friends. Tanks have no friends? No other Tank buddy? No one to say “Ive got your back”. That is saddness. That is lonely and crying. Tank mains like me should have friends.


But (this is a big but, no pun intended) Supports have always been priority targets, they are the heroes who have abilities to make sure the whole team can keep fighting.

While main tanks have never been priority targets, unless they find themselves in a position in which their team can’t help them.
The logic is simple, to gain an advantage you need to kill the enemy, so why target the most survivable (who’s most likely getting lots of heals) while you could take down other targets a lot more easily ?

Following this logic, having only one - bulkier - main tank per team is actually very interesting as it’s the only hero able to protect his mates (making him more of a priority target), but it’s also the hardest to kill and his mates won’t let you just kill him.