7 vs 7 w/ 3 DPS

2 + 3 + 2
…and the Balance of Universe remains the same

I’m down to test it out! Could be a blast

They’ve already said the games optimized for a 6v6. They can’t add a 7th without risking the stability of the game.

Its not possible. The servers werent built for 14 people at once, and will require more programming, more storage and money to do that.

Not my idea but it was such a grand concept that I figured I would pass along

Popular suggestion but blizz has pretty much said it won’t happen…so kinda fruitless discussion

I should prob put this link somewhere on my desktop with how many times I need it lel.

In other words, they’re not willing to spend the money to make a better game.

remove role queue and add a coaching slot.

Or more realistically - they’re not willing to shelve balance, skins, events, new heroes, OW2, etc for 12+ months while they rebuild everything for 14 players.

If you want to collect the funding to hire more engineers so that they could implement 2-3-2 quickly, I’m confident the OW team will be very grateful.

Yes because it costs 5 bucks to reprogram servers and the base game and maybe hiring more employees to do so. Thats the base design 6v6 PVP or 12 Free for All. Two more people is two more IP address, two more profiles with own internet connection and memeberships and sensitivities and other stuff. Yep totally easy and unwilling of blizzard/ Activision

Just make it happen & everyone shall rejoice.