New (competetive) games modes

Is it possible to ever have more than 6 players on a team. I think that it could bring more variety to the game. A while ago there was a glitch where you could get infinite bots in a game, so you could have a 6v20 or ever more. The game can handle that, so from that I know that it is technically possible to have more that 12 players in a lobby. And there are a lot of thing you can do with more that 6 people on a team.

For example, you can have a 2-3-2 competitive game mode. It is just like normal competitive, but that with one more dps. This has the option to reduce queue times for the dps player, who now have a longer queue time than the tank and support players. Also this bring a lot of new tactics to the game. There is also an option to have 3-3-3, but maybe that’s a bit too much to ask for, and this will increase the queue time a big amount.

They said the engine couldn’t handle it even though we could get 12v12 with the bug you mentioned

Still, doubt they’ll do that. Mostly because the TAB is not designed for more than 6 players on a team

jeff said its too expensive to do, so thats not an option, they would have to redo whole game again, not happening. tho we are getting new comp mode with ow2, “push”

They can’t even consider 2-3-2 until OW2 is out, unfortunately, but it isn’t a bad idea. Just a lot of work under the Overwatch hood.

It actually couldn’t, a lot of those games got shut down for lagging the server.

Here is Jeff’s post on 7v7: