Are they going to abandon balancing for 2-2-2 and just get rid of rolequeue?

You know they cant do this Deykar and why.

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Technical issues was the reason. But OW2 is a new game with an upgraded engine, is it not?

Its OW 1 with extensions, but the game engine has limits to the point its too expensive to overhaul. According to the devs an entirely new engine would be needed. Think of OW 2 as a minor set of upgrades with the PVE content through a second engine using OW 1 as a portal. To get 2-3-2 “costs” a lot in terms of real money but changes to the engine and more importantly play-testing are profoundly more expensive.

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OW1 is too limited in its engine for the PvE they want to add for OW2, which is why they needed to upgrade it. The technical issues for 7v7 is in OW1, not confirmed for OW2.


I am 95% sure you can find a direct quote from Blizzard on why 2-3-2 is not going to happen ever with this engine, upgraded or not for OW 2. I do not think the PVE content is an “upgrade” to the core engine, rather the shell that allows access to the PVP game, ie the engine you are thinking of, will allow access to the second game that is the PVE content living alongside the first PVP engine.

As I recall, they spent a lot of time and money getting the Archives event to work because it didn’t “play well” with the engine. I believe that experience showed them to do a true portal to PVE content was going to require effectively a whole new coded “game engine” alongside the PVP engine which cannot effectively do PVE play well enough for cost.

Only quote from Jeff. He didnt mention OW2 at all. He even said its possible but costly. And OW2 actually brings them new income, so…

All I can say is I wouldn’t mind it, but i seriously, seriously doubt 2-3-2 is going to happen for a very long time, if ever. Even if you could make the engine work the cost per new character for play-testing goes up dramatically, and the entire roster would likely have to be re-balanced.

My money is on 1-3-2 because Papa Jeff seems enamored with it in all his discussions, is a tank main, and likes the idea of “level-boss” tanks in the game, and he hinted at ‘we can’t just do the same thing with OW 2’.


1-3-2 has alot of issues. You would have to do even more radical rebalancing than in 2-3-2. Solo tank also means every tank has to be reworked into a main tank. You get even less tank diversity if 1 tank is meta. Support feel way more exposed as they lack the second off tank which peels for them especially since they now have 1 more dps to worry about. Not to mention the pressure which is on the 1 tank having no one to cover for him.

Ok, that would explain why tank balance feels abandoned. The last time it felt this way was when they released 2-2-2 while simultaneously giving D.Va a goats nerf and failing to rebalance for the tank role in 2-2-2. Reaper and Mei kept their no longer necessary goats tankbuster buffs. Armour kept its no longer necessary goats nerf. And we all wondered why the hell it was taking so long. Then it turned out they weren’t playing the same game and suffering with us, they were playing 3-2-1.

So if that’s what they’re doing again, that would explain why tanks feel exactly as abandoned as they were back then.

I’d rather they just go ahead and implement 321 now if they’re not going to balance for 222. It’s obvious that this halfway point is not sustainable.

They actually are buffing D.Va. Not sure why that comes of as “abandoned.”

What is a “main” tank? Clearly it’s not barriers, because ball has none and is classified as one.

If you made d.VA or Zarya as durable as ball or Rein/Sigmarisa, imagine the misery of playing into their vastly superior defensive tools while they are also much harder to kill.

The 1-3-2 version of d.VA was lots of fun to play… As d.VA.

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Her DM should never have had a slower response time than sigma barrier. This was a revert.
Her fusion cannons shouldn’t have slowed her by 50%, so this buff to 40% is basically QOL.
Her missiles should never have had a firing delay. More QOL.

This is not bold balancing changes. Theyrer super minor changes that do nothing to make her tanky, which is her real problem. And it’s been a year, so they’re really really overdue and their timidness reinforces the feeling that the role is abandoned.

They are timid because for a very long time D.Va was the best tank in the game and felt mandatory in almost any comp. If it was goats, dive, she arguebly even outperformed Hog in bunker. Seemingly small things can tip the scale pretty hard when it comes to tanks.

She was never mandatory and never the best tank in the game, Rein was. And Zarya was always better than her. And had they buffed hog instead of nerfing her 12000 times in a row, then you would have had all three offtanks viable and playable at the same time. Destroying her made the only tank choices barriers. This meta is far more restrictive than any meta involving D.Va, where she was often and even usually swapped for someone else, like with goats.

To a large extent I agree - I don’t like 1 tank personally, but I think Jeff K. is enamored with it.

Take and hold space, which technically any character can theoretically do.

I’m advocating for 2-3-2 because its kinda giving the best of both worlds, where you get all the benefits of adding a third dps slot while mentaining the tank duo synergy and youre not creating new problems. You could even afford to nerf the damage down overall without the dps heroes becoming too ineffective.


I dont think they planning to drop role q, i think they going to try to change it to 3 dps 2 supports and 1 tank in OW2.

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Role Q suffers because of the unpredictability of the player. Most of the pros were rejoicing for RQ. Yet, i’d like to know why they were. If they were so “PRO” at this game. They’d simply KNOW that there is a slot to be filled, swap to it and play.

Role Jail - AKA Role Q.

What concerns me is the lack of understanding when it comes to a Match maker. HUMAN ERROR is the #1 factor in a de-railed match. Sure, the MM can base player behavior on certain matches played. But Gamer Fatigue and STEAM ROLLS from previous matches destroy player quality of future matches that day.

I will admit. If the last match was a TOTAL bust and goes nowhere. I TILT. Many other players do too. I go and say:

“Welp the games today are a bust. Im done trying”

That is any game though.

Sure, Role Jail GIVES you a TANK, a HEALER and DPS. But If the game cannot build a match that works. It is still a FAILURE.

What I have found from this Role Jail this System is outright AWFUL.

Example. The Role Jail gives one role a team with 2 players with different skill ratings. One, that holds maybe 1000+ hours on the game, then it gives the same role in slot #2 a brand new account with maybe 10 hours or 30 hours on it in the same ROLE. While the enemy team gets 2 players with an AVERAGE experience time that of equal to both.

The match starts out fairly well, but mid-game that person with the “Dead weight” partner on their team fatigues. Because the OTHER person on their team is NOT picking up the slack. How the system distributes the workload, doesn’t pan-out. It should be taking 2 players with EQUAL experience of the game and putting them into THOSE roles.

Having to “Carry” that role is something that shouldn’t have to occur. and it is VERY obvious blizzard is trying to play around with stuff in the Match maker to somehow “Fit” players in.

What blizzard’s method of “Dead weighting” teams is doing is ruining the match quality. I’ve played a few games where the level 300 Ana with Gold SR goes and FLAMES that level 5 Moira in chat

“for being a complete and total waste of Game resources”

When in reality it is NOT that player’s fault. Other than a POOR system for not giving that ANA a team member with some decent playtime experience to help heal.

*That is the fallout for ROLE JAIL. It often “Dead weights” a team. Sure, it gives you good healers and GOOD DPS, but gives you 2 tanks that are POTATOES. As for WHY anyone at Blizzard thought this was a good idea. of squeezing NUBS into matches for the sake of “Dead weighting” to create " balance". NOT A CLUE.

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I mean … its not like they are clearly balancing for 2-2-2 though.
Any balance done so far (not much because game is in a coma … OW2) its not really that impactful to anything that is not 2-2-2.

So no, RQ will stay and the game will stay as unbalanced as it is right now.

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