Why Not A 2-3-2 Experimental?

Everyone is talking about 1-3-2, but why not try out the idea of 2 more dps in the match? I understand that will change a whole with team fights and point captures. Also would probably have to change some timers and rules for the different game modes, but i think its an easier solution to at least help (not fix) the dps queues without affecting the tank queues. I dont see the harm in trying it out just to guage the benefits vs. costs.

Everythign is kind designed around 12 players. The servers, the maps… It’s a much larger undertake than simply swapping one hero to another.


I understand that aspect i really do. Even the tab screens would need to be changed and such. But i dont think its too far fetched to consider.

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Because its a bit more complicated than just adding an extra 2 players (1 for each team)

the servers were designed to handle a max of 12 players, so the server would need to be overhauled to incorporate 2 more


Worth pointing out that 232 is one of the few things the devs have directly said they won’t do

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While it is possible to create an extra 2 slots I don’t think they would try it out on Overwatch right now or in the near future. They did mention that they were winding down for the year and Jeff already mentioned earlier he wasn’t planning on any changes that will introduce new slots to the game

Fair enough thank you.

Still, they could go in the other direction and give 122 an experimental. It might be a fun arcade mode down the line if 132 never happens.

7 players per side will never happen. The devs will never travel down that road.

An extra hero spamming damage, and CC, and cooldowns? An extra hero adding visual clutter? An extra hero’s ultimate to track? An extra hero stalling a 2cp point? Two extra players bogging down the game, making frame rates worse for everyone?

Yeah, what could go wrong?

Look, I’m not trying to come across like an a-hole, and I understand you’re just trying to offer a solution to queue times, but I despise this idea (with respect to OP as a person).

Edit: Personally, I think the game would benefit from 1 less player per side, as opposed to 1 more player per side. I understand not everyone would be down with that though.

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If we nerf dps damage by like half, then sure.

5 years into a game if you can’t undertake something like increasing player count why would anyone want to be excited for the next game.

Sure its a huge work but it’s the most clear solution to the current situation.

You are going to release a new version of game with probably another 5 yr life cycle and you are talking cost.

You answered your question without knowing it.

In 5 years, everything has been designed around 12 players. If your boss said to you “Lmao, add another player in it” you will have had 5 YEARS worth of content tailored around 12 players, but now 13 players have to play in that pen.

That means things will be off ever so slightly. Which routes to take, which comps are good, which characters are OP, which maps are straight up broken, which ULTIMATES are straight up broken.

Then, they have to recreate the UI from scratch to fit one, just one, extra character in it, they’d need to see if the game can handle that ONE extra person shooting without crashing.

Really, its all simple in why it’d be hard and not worth it.

Yes obviously it’s a heck of extra work but better do it now before release of next version.

You don’t keep bandaiding a problem.
The priority q is a prime example.

No, you’d do it IN the next version.

There’s no point in taking hands off of your projects just to tweak your 5 year old game; by saving it for next time, you can continue to run your business efficiently.

Obviously ow2 is the next game wouldn’t they have tooted their horn by now if it had 14 players.

No right, so for 10 yrs the game is going to stay the same technically.

TLDR @ bottom

pfff, i think thats just some lame excuse given to us, for whatever real reason…can’t believe people actually buy into that…they’ll spout whatever programming terms, to get those players who do know programming to believe, and those fans (who know programming) would “understand” and “convince” others that what the developers are saying makes sense and could be very well true…

they always give a short, and brief reasons to why they don’t experiment with increased player count…

hardware limitations? very much doubtful, what kind of hardware are they using? 2005 WoW servers?

“netcode” ? (introducing two more players total), again still…thats just unheard of…remember when OW first came out we had slow tick rates?..i dunno, it just seems like there is another real major reason they don’t want to increase player count…

okay say they do increase player count, and it IS a BAD experience (for whatever amount of reasons)…its not OUR fault, they’ve tried and tried so many changes, some drastic…and TIME HAS PASSED, there isn’t much left to “try” and if the past is anything to judge about their future attempts of fixing this, is that i’m not confident in their ability to do so

i dunno if i’m making sense or not, probably not, i’m just that prophecy nut with cardboard signs, who people laugh at, but…

TLDR- almost everything has been tried, except increasing player count, inwhich they give hard reasons on why that would be ImPoSsIBLE without “MaJoR” resources poured into it…time has passed and thats about the only thing left to try

:edit: also the point about the maps…don’t we hear about complaints about maps having so many “empty spots”? …they’re empty for a reason, lol