2-3-2 might be the way

Being stuck to the 6v6 format might be the core problem. If we add another dps player for a 7v7 with 3 dps, 2 tank and 2 supports might end up having the benefits of adding the additional dps without creating the problems of sacrificing a tank.


The maps might need to be a bit larger but I like this idea more than 1-3-2

Changing the amount of players on a team affects OWL dramatically though so doubt they will try this route


I do also like this idea. the games feel sluggish. even tho barriers are nerfed the game is practically lost/won by who has more barriers

i had a few games on attack where our team picked no barriers and u just reach a halt where u cant out damage their barriers and push.

this would also just fix the queue times

Can we please standardize the ?-?-? format?

It’s tanks-DPS-support. Just like how it is in hero select.

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I’ve been saying sinec forever that 7v7 would not be possible because of console hardware limitation, and now I’m happy I have a quote to use.



new consoles are coming. if not make it 7v7 on pc.

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So consoles limited this game on PC?


Hmm. Maybe they could split DPS into multiple categories like Paladins does with Damage and Flanker, and do 1-1-1-2, with the off tanks and some of the more tank-like DPS (Reaper, Mei, Sym, Torb) being combined into a single role.

  1. Much less control of the individual will made you feel like the game/matchmaking is more random than it already is.

  2. It’s already not well optimize when there is a huge team fight with 10 ults, add 2 players to that and half of the PC won’t handle it. And let’s not get into the visual and sound clutter with 2 more players in a team fight.

  3. I actually think trying to reduce it to 2-2-1 would be much better.

Unless your argument is to drop support on XBONE, PS4 and Switch, this point is moot.

All multiplataform games are limited on PC based on their console version. That’s not exclusive to Overwatch.

Stuff like graphic fidelity is reliant on how many elements you throw on the screen. Since the devs decided the lobby size should be 12 players, they tune effects to a certain point that 12 flashy things flying around the screen will not trigger stutter and slowdown.

14 flashy things on the screen might.


it would fix queue times MASSIVELY if you can add 1 extra DPS to EVERY match played.

I think you meant “2 extra dps”

You know it’s funny. You quote the man himself saying it’s not realistic and it still doesn’t register to some people.

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When Blizz implements it due to community requests the community will whine again and ask them to do other absurd changes.

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to hell screen clutter… why not 11-17-28? go full battlefield, can see through my tanks already, trying to aim. we need to decrease not increase, 1-3-1 is the way

boy …7v7 on temple of anubus…

Meta Time Boyz

Main Tank: Rein
Off tank: Sigma
DPS 1: Mei
DPS 2: Reaper
DPs 3: Hanzo or Widow
Flex Support: Lucio
Main Support: Baptiste

…this game give me nightmares

Its going to happen one day, just not anytime soon. Maybe 5-6 years down the road I can see it happening.

is today awful idea day or what’s going on?

if anything, team size needs to be reduced to 5 and not increased

What an awful idea :stuck_out_tongue: