Do you think that making the game 7 vs 7 would fix anything or just make it more chaotic?

wouldnt fix anything…people are always looking to blame something (besides themselves) when a team loses…whether it be the role ratio, which heroes were picked, or how well they think their teammates did regardless of the above…

5v5, 7v7…doesnt matter…

it might help with queue times…but its not going to make the game itself feel any better…youre playing with other people and thats always going to be the easy scapegoat…just the nature of the game

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The game should be 5v5, 1 less enemy to worry about, 1 less teammate to babysit.
I guess could have worked maybe.

That would be nice. Hmmm but what role to get one less of?

I feel like this would just make picks less consequential towards a teamfight, making it harder for some players to carry games when they’re performing well. Another person to track on both teams can easily overwhelm most players as well, It’s hard enough for most people to track just one of their opponents.

I don’t even think queue times would be helped at all by this. You get another DPS queue slot, but that could easily lead to more people queuing DPS under the premise of quicker queue times (than before), thereby not solving the issue at all. If you build it, they’ll come.

Would cause multiple issues

  1. would need to raise the system requirements and would alienate many players.
  2. the current game client is optimized for 6v6
  3. there is enough visual clutter already.

As long as they want to keep low minim requirements to play the game I wouldn’t expect anything like that. OW is currently meant to be played on the worst of PC’s and the Switch. The switch is the biggest issue as it just semi came out and has cross play with other consoles I believe.

They can’t realistically abandon it already to upgrade the game. Which is why I am really curious if OW 2 will be on the switch and if so what that means for the engine update being any good.

as a gamer with a bad pc I agree with this

Lol I have a decent PC, was great a few years ago but lousy Internet so meh. I am used to playing lower resource heavy games because of that.

Hard to tell, but maybe Tanks?
IDK, I guess they should buff Tanks and Supports and make it 131.
Give them in combat self heals for the solo job maybe, to reduce the reliance on peeling.

No , never. Solo tanking sucks and will just lead to tanks quitting in droves as they are driven from the role / game due to not playing ‘the’ best tank according to some random website.

How about 3-1-2 instead ?

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Seems fair. Or course if we were to ever do such an idea. It could work but let’s be honest most people of any role hate having to solo anything.

Yeah we know, Blizzard is small indie company…

That’s still too good. Let’s do 3-0-3. No more crying DPS (Genji mains). GOATS worked without DPS :joy:

well I wanted to throw them a bone while butchering their role like they always like to suggest be done to tanks and supports.

Blizzard doesn’t fund all projects evenly, nor do they fund their employees “evenly” lol.

And server limits / optimization is also a feature of the hardware more than anything else , you can’t keep throwing money at them and hope that the technology is good enough to keep up.

Correction, seems that he meant with “costs” that it would cost server stability and stuff like that.

But that’s because the game is so much team reliant.
Are we gonna keep wishing for the game to remain stressful because of extreme team reliance?

Mhm it all really depends on what people want. Who knows

I agree with the last thing you said, but I actually do advocate (and have for a long time now) for 5v5. I think it would reduce the visual clutter, damage spam, and chaos of the game. It’s one less person slinging their abilities, ultimates, and damage around, and one less person to track for ult/cooldown tracking.

It would also serve to slow the game down and increase an individual player’s impact and carry potential. All of that while making queue times better for supports and damage.

Other notable side effects: it would eliminate the need to balance around the possibility of double shield and increase the game’s performance in terms of Frames generated per Second.

All of that said, I do agree that it wouldn’t solve all of the game’s biggest issues which are more centered around player behavior rather than the game itself.

Edit: There are, as always, negative side effects as well that I’m not gonna pretend don’t exist. Tank queue times would become much longer, tank synergy would disappear, and half the class would have to be rebalanced (along with heroes in other roles too). Also, a player throwing would be much more difficult to overcome this way since they account for a larger percentage of the team. As Jeff himself says, “there aren’t any silver bullet solutions”. I think this change has more pros than cons though.

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