7 v 7 could save the day

I’m sure they will know not to waste time optimising the engine for compositions that are most likely terrible in the future. No worries there.

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It’s not surprising they chose the easy route this time around considering how much they have been fumbling recently.

That’s what 5v5 was once, and the players didn’t like it. They did it anyway, and honestly… it makes the game boring, annoying, and pointless.


That was the case when Ashe was introduced right? Bob made it 6v7 or 7v7 when she ulted and broke some things so they had to recode a lot of how the game handles player numbers and things related to it.

It’s always possible to recode the engine to make it work how you want it to, the problem is is it worth investing time and labor into doing so.

That’s the thing, the game technically plays great. The problem is the outcome of matches and we’ve all seen the many submitted reports that have very… kind words about it lol

It was and it apparently continued to be the case until at least 2020

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People who say dumb things need to be educated. Was not defending or helping anyone I was simply trying to balance out the narrative that anything above 5v5 would be good which it wouldn’t if you didn’t know.

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The entire emphasis of the 5v5 switch was to 1. Increase individual impact even for a role like DPS which is objectively weaker than tank and support and 2. Remove double shield meta, guess what happens if the game goes to 7v7, we get double shield and it’ll be a game of tank differences again because support just healbots and DPS ults, sometimes.

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It increased the individual impact trolls and leavers have as well, and put a microscope on everyone’s performance. This is great for tournaments, but really crappy for casual play.

That could be actually great game,
just heroes like Genji or Tracer would be unplayable.

But 2 tanks, 3 dps, 2 heals could still work and I think it would be much more fun than 5v5 which isnt good at all.

Dps would have to see significant nerfs to damage output, otherwise you’d have to buff healing. If you do neither, then you need to buff damage mitigation which means barriers and defense matrix.

Under 2/3/2, you have a few options.

  • Buff healing. Consequence: Team fights take forever because nothing dies.
  • Nerf damage and healing. Consequence: Neither dps nor support feel impactful anymore, and matches will ultimately be decided by Tank 1v1s.
  • Buff damage mitigation. Consequence: Rein, Sigma, Zarya, D.Va and Ram get significant buffs. The game becomes Shieldwatch.

5v5 isn’t perfect, but it is infinitely better than 6v6, 7v7, etc.

I mean it was and always will be in most games, a leaver is unwinnable or next to. Your entire team has to be playing out of their mind to combat the loss of a player, and I believe that the entire team has to contribute is the best way to play the game. 6v6, 7v7, or even 8v8 is such a bad idea that I can’t even fathom how fast this game would go back to 20 min queues.

Please, do tell. We’re waiting on pins and needles.


What, you don’t want the developers of this game putting in any effort to make it actually good?

dummy. maybe you would have to be obliterated by me to realize the level at which exceptionals play. PRESENT DAY and HISTORICALLY: i average 4 elims per life. my respawns per 10 is 4. which means that i usually never respawn except occasionally to an enemy ULT. exceptionals perform at a level in which you have not yet been introduced.

it didn’t start out that way. unwinnable now bc nearly all characters have been nerfed into oblivion. resulting in auto loss should you lose a teammate which occurs periodically and sometimes frequently. players use to stay and fight when down a player prior to excessive artificial nerf impairments.

fiction. mathematically, more ppl in game means less ppl “waiting” in queue. therefore, the wait time wouldn’t be longer than present day. excessive shortage of players is what causes long wait times.

no way that the vast pool of developer ingenuity couldn’t eventually pull off anything higher than 12. even if it means upgrading the ow engine. which is overdue so that all characters move fluidly, organic character motion, rather than like 1990s motion architecture.


you know, now that you say it, an OW ground war sounds absolutely exotic and would immediately reverse the exodus. Many games have ground war modes. But we still want our 7 v 7 or 8 v 8 for standard competitive play.

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Nowhere in that comment did he say it isn’t possible. That isn’t the issue.

oh we all know it’s possible. with coding you’re only limited by imagination.

Yes. Like both Jeff and I said, that isn’t the issue.

then there isn’t one.

There is.