Make OW2 7v7 for 232

Upgrade the engine and make it happen blizz =)

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They can’t do it because the engine can’t handle it.

They can’t do it because it would cost too much to host those servers.

But it’s clearly the best solution for the playerbase and hero roster, the only down sides are technical and financial, not directly down sides for the players.

When he says the cost is too high he is referring to the strain on the engine I believe. Its a development term. Its not financial

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Jeff doesn’t think it is a realistic possibility.

It would increase the system requirements and (probably) force some heavy tinkering with the engine.

Since Switch can barely even handle OW as is and many people are playing OW on older rigs I don’t think that this will ever happen.

Really sucks that the game is limited by what the switch can handle. I was hoping with them upgrading the engine for overwatch 2 that more players may be possible, helping queue times.

Er I dunno about “can’t”. From what Jeff said it seemed that it would take for too much to make it work as everything is optimised for a 6v6.

Overwatch doesn’t appear to be a particularly complex or demanding game with its hitscan, no movement acceleration and stylised graphics compared to other titles that have many players a side.


I’d be happy with that. Actually, come to think of it, I’d be really happy with that. That would be a lot more fun to play, and would make the game a lot more fun to play.


exceeding 12 players per match would cause significant technical challenges (we’re highly optimized towards 12 right now). experimenting with less than 12 is more realistic. it’s not that we cannot do it… it’s that the cost would be extremely high.

Well, yeah it’s true that it’s possible.

But it would just cost too much as he said, so anywhere in the far future would be realistic.

If we convince them that it’s worth it, they might do it. 2-3-2 seems like the only real downsides would be development stuff, and money in the short term. It would definitely decrease queue times, and it would keep duo-tanking intact so there’s no need to move any off-tanks to DPS. It would be a lot of work internally for them, so they can’t make a decision like that lightly.


Yeah, i wouldn’t like developement to be slowed down.
Now i don’t know if it would affect the pay of the dev’s, but that could be another reason.

Now i think they can do 2-3-2 if OW2 really hits off.

Exactly, the only downsides are for Blizzard to handle, not the players.

Oh yeh I don’t think it’s coming. At least according to Jeff’s post it doesn’t seem like it’s a likely scenario… Didn’t seem like 132/141 is particularly likely from the comments about the undue pressure placed on the solo players.

Who knows though. Not long after Jeff commented on all the “forum Brigette” posts Brig got her bash damage changed from 50 to 5 so…

It’s always a mystery.

At least Blizzard isn’t like Valve where noone responds or let anyone know much.