1-3-2? Why not 2-3-2

Because there are only 6 player slots per team match most of the time? That is the most logical answer to “Why not 2-3-2” wouldn’t be a bad idea if we didn’t only have 6 player slots.

I think 2-3-2 would be interesting, however I don’t think it would be healthy permanently. I think every season the role locks should change- we could play 2-2-2 for season 20, 2-3-2 for season 21, 1-3-1 for season 22, no role locks for season 23 and so forth. It’d shake the meta up and make players interested in returning to the game, based on what heroes they enjoy playing.

But if they take away the off tanks and I have 4 tanks to choose from I can only speak for myself
I don’t think I would play tank anymore when I can choose a class that has double or triple the options.
There’s only so much I guess I’ll play rein again and try not to get annoyed when no one supports me I’d be able to do.

Switch roles or eat those long que times because 1 of any role is doubtful to happen unless they make massive changes to the game in which we’d far more likely get 2/3/2.

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2 3 2 would be good for the game.

The 2 players would mean that they would likely rework every map and this would bring a lot of fresh air in a game with the worst maps i’ve ever seen.

Shorten the DPSs queues.

And would push the developers to treat tanks like real tanks. I’ve been saying this forever now. Tanks should be either the top priority for the dps (Die first) or the last MEN standing on the point.

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Jeff said he functions as such. So unless the word function means something different…it shouldn’t be a problem for the game to handle extra people.

It’s meta and usually people at top tier run meta.

Properties, yes. Which proves that the game can handle the addition of other players.

I’m sure a multi-billion company can handle it. They just don’t want to.

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They could change the game, yes, and they don’t want to, yes

Get over it

And again, Bob proves nothing because he’s an ai you dolt

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For a game calling itself “2” and trying to market itself as the premiere esport, Reducing to 1 Tank would feel a lot more like a downgrade than an upgrade. Why wouldn’t that make barriers even more mandatory? At least an Off Tank gives you the option. Not like anyone’s ever cared about heroes not being used in a meta before… Blizzard can make this happen if they want to. The idea is that it lays the groundwork for a new feel to this game.

That’s what we should all want… for this game to feel fresh again if it’s going to be Overwatch 2.

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I think Jeff said that would be a massive pain to setup, so I dunno if they’re looking to do this anyways.

Why not, is this an expansion or is it a new game?


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You mean in OW2? From my undoubtably incomplete understanding it’s mainly gonna be pve focused, while the pvp will stay with OW1 (and presumably cosmetics from 2 will be released into 1).

Jeff did a large post recently about the different role number options and replied to a commenter about 232 in particular, this is why there’s a ton of role option posts suddenly. If you bring up the list of dev posts in the general forum it’ll appear somewhere near the top.

I know this.

I’m saying if all you’re expecting from Overwatch 2 is more similar 4-player co-op and just 1-3-2 instead of 2-2-2 (devolving into turtle and Dive main tanks every game) then you’re expecting an expansion, to anyone looking to get back into the game calling this Overwatch 2 is going to feel pretty weak.

7v7 changes the entire feel of the game, but it expands upon the first game’s structure. It might not be the answer, but it’s a better one.

I’m asking to expect a good sequel…
If this is an expansion branded as a new game, that’s not going to go over well.

I mean it in like; He does only one out of 5 things. Running, Shooting, standing still, waving or jumping in the air.
I assume that this is easier to programm than another player who can do much more and doesnt run on a timer like bob does.

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There is also 1 additional problem that isn’t solved, even with current 2-2-2 or 1-3-2.
when you have a leaver, does it become a bigger issue when you have an extra dps on the opposite team? as 2-3-2, against 2-2-2, or worse 2-1-2 vs 2-3-2

Almost guaranteed a lost. If your only tank leaves or duo dps decides to leave, you are kind at a lost there with only dps & healers and no shield/tank, with no way to fill, and against multi DPS ults being farmed.

If they increase the member slots, or make it solo tank slot, the tank slot can be exploited, and there will need to be a fill option for those parties, in worst case scenario, Tank role would have so much control how party performs, or throws, or decides not to listen or worse leaves.

Even more so, Ultimate Economy would be divided up by the 3 dps, you would have 3 different DPS ults that can used in Tandem to close out rounds, regardless what Support Ult is used, might make some supports not viable, or quite literally a throw pick, there would be so many different changes to be made.

The more DPS, the bigger health pools required, the bigger health pools, more Ults are farmed, etc. etc.

Then they should say that. Not come up with some BS about it being too technically difficult.

Bob proves everything, you dolt. Jeff himself said that Bob is programmed to act like a 7th player is added to the game. He has all the properties of a player.

So the idea that the game cannot handle an additional player is just ridiculous.

Get over yourself.

It should be 2-3-2, or nothing!!
1-3-2 will KILL off-tanks!! It will make Shield tanks 100000% mandatory in wayyyyyyyy too many circumstances!

Hanamura for example, I play D/va on Hanamura and make space by pulling enemies from the choke by flying to the obj while the anchor tank supports the push. With 1-3-2 Hanamura would be total crap to play without an anchor tank and I would get constantly harassed and yelled at for not playing an anchor tank.

People think off-tanks are struggling now, WAIT UNTIL THEY DO SOMETHING AS ABSURD AS 1-3-2.

WORSE THAN THAT, imagine if your ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE tank leaves. Like it’s bad enough basically FORCING anchor tanks on those of us who play the tank role, but what if the ONE tank leaves and u have no tank on a push that totally requires one - think Hanamura.

But no, who cares, DPS players get a few minutes faster queue so completely crapping on the tank role and creating even worst leaver conditions for the game doesn’t matter, DPS players are happy.

(FUNNY THING IS, when all the negative results of having ONE tank start to show themselves, DPS players will STILL be ungrateful and whining. They will have KILLED off-tanks and ruined the Tank role, but still won’t be happy.)

So you seriously think an ai with the properties of a player is equal to a player? Oookay

I still don’t see why making maps work for an extra DPS on each team is impossible. They’re already upgrading the engine, and this is supposed to be a sequel. If they want the game to succeed, they should find a way to make it work. That’s what the Blizzard I remember would do.

1-3-2 just doesn’t work in my opinion. It severely limits the meta. Dive will not only be the go-to comp, it’ll be the only viable comp. Off-Tanks will always be told to switch to Shield tanks. One healer will always be glued to the Tank. DPS will always be told to target Tanks, then Heals.

As an Off-Tank, I have zero desire to play 1-3-2… It will kill my competitive interest in this game. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Beyond their claims of ‘technical limitations’ which makes no sense when they’re already upgrading the engine, are there any valid reasons 2-3-2 is worse than 1-3-2 or 2-2-2? If so, I’d like to discuss them to see if they can be resolved.

I’m absolutely serious when I say 2-3-2 is the direction they should consider for Overwatch 2. I can’t find any good reasons not to.