[H/A] 14yrs - AOTC/Mythic/High M+/RBG's Guild LFM!

Founded in 2009 seeking “Casual” & “Semi Hardcore” Gamers for Core spots in our expanding teams. We have 2 Raid teams, a full running RBG Team, pushing tons of high M+ Keys while building competitive groups, and hosting guild community events.! We have been growing rapidly coming back into DF while maintaining a very fun & chill atmosphere guild wide for everyone to enjoy.

We literally laugh at everything, make life-long friends, and people love the community we bring into gaming. We’re a completely toxic & drama free guild!

We have plenty of room in our AOTC & Mythic team as we’re re structuring for future and potential CE Raiders. We’re not here to be the best in 5 minutes nore are we in a rush as a newer team. A fun but successful CE Mythic Team takes time to build, but more importantly time to grow as a true hardcore team like most raiders who have been Gaming together for years. The Titles and gear come eventually, we’re here for the good vibes and good times, and will be working slowly but surely towards being CE and Server First in the near future with a great bunch of people!

If you like to pump, make gold, have fun, and challenge yourself we like to run/sell things such as AOTC, Glory Achievements, and High Mythic+ Keys! we are still growing our PVP roster and will definitely be selling high MMR carries in the near future!

Raid Team 1 runs T/Th, 8:30pm-11:30pm (EST) with Sunday night cleanup (CE Focused)

Raid Team 2 runs T/Th, 9:00pm-12:00am (EST) with Sunday night cleanup (AOTC Focused)

RBGs run Thursday-Sunday evenings with plenty of room for all classes/specs. (Warlord Focused)

Mythic+ run daily, if you want to compete in M+ we’re building multiple competitive Teams. (KSM 2-3k Raider-io Focused)

High-priority classes

  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • Ranged DPS
  • Melee DPS
    (We welcome all classes/specs)
    (Currently seeking nightshift specific players for a 3rd raid Team as our nightshift crew for daytime raiding 2 days a week)

Reach out on here or directly through our links below guys thank you, Cheers!

GM Discord - Epicsauce#5234
Guild Discord - Discord.gg/MsBjENX
Guild Website - Guildsofwow/wwa


what days would team 2 be raiding?

Team 2 schedule is still open as we fill it. T/TH/M with Monday cleanup/progression. So far so good

This sounds like a great fit for me

interested in the team 2 AOTC Group DM me on discord @ Taz13741.


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Sounds like a lot of fun! Been looking to get back to mythic raiding with a good group of people, I will be messaging you on discord for group 1 !

Mitsuhä, Enh Shaman

Perfect. I need an Enh in main core! Thanks for the post.

406 blood dk lf raiding spot!
Have a 396 alt ww mink as well.

added you on discord

Wicked. Thanks, guys. I will keep in touch asap, Team 1 and Team 2 are growing fast. Cheers!

bumpa bump!

i spy a bump

Hopefully not to late, but if you got a slot open for tonight, I’ll gladly join. Bnet Ultimas#12329


I could use you for thursday nights raid Team 2 if you want in. My bnet is full atm, add my discord in the post, and we’ll get you in, cheers!

What constitutes as right candidates for covered realm transfers! Do we need to be consistent raiders?

LOL. Yep, if you show up, we got you!

So I was looking for a raiding guild/community that was knowledgeable and friendly and over the past few weeks I’ve been raiding with these guys. As someone who used to be a Heroic/Mythic Raider in older expansions and is now getting back into it for the first time since Legion I have never had a better raid experience with this guild. They bring knowledge and experience to the table and an extremely fun and friendly community where the community and teaching players comes first always. Joining their raid team and progressing along with such wonderful players has made raiding the best experience I’ve had in a while and I’m looking forward to continually raiding with them.


Oops wrote this with the wrong character selected. But the above post by Pïkàchôô is me!

I can vouch for this post as i am part of team 1, we are a great group of people who love to have fun.

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Appreciate it, boys. We’re all here for the good times! Something about slaying dragons and making life-long friends gets the people going! :muscle::100: