420 Prot pally looking for heroic/mythic raiding guild

Prot pally looking to push hard into heroic and mythic. Typically all I do is mythic plus. But I’m interested in starting to raid again. I have always gotten aotc in every tier but looking to get into more mythic for 10.1

Availability is any days through the week in the evenings and Sunday’s. Friday nights and Saturday’s are my family time. Due to having to work days.

I am currently 1/9H with abit of experience on second boss!!

I spend a lot of my evenings currently pushing keys to the best of my ability and where my gear will allow it.

I am willing to transfer servers and fraction if need be!!

Don’t hesitate to message me on my discord or battlenet here are the links for that.

Discord: Salty#3288
Bent: Salty#13183

Here is the link to my raider io

Would love to have a conversation, we are willing to pay for a transfer to our guild if your looking for some fun. my battle.net is Narcel#1956 and my discord is Narcelios#8056

Hey man, is a super fun guild that likes to surround itself with good players that likes to work as a team and push bosses together, we where 5/8mythic last tier and we are 6/8 heroic rite now, we raid tue/thur 730-1030 pm eastern on area 52, haydenthomas#2659 is my disc

Hey Salty,

I send you a Bnet Friend request, ur Discord one didnt work thanks

I send you a discord friend request